Favorite Videogame

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Loxo: *breaks down the door* ROSE! SPADE! EVERYONE!!! WE HAVE A QUESTION!!

*jumps up in surprise* The fcking sake, Loxo!!! Watch it! You almost made me screw up on a drawing!

Voodoo: *wakes up* Holy wolf, was that necessary, Loxo? Ugh... least we're not dead. Where is everyone else?

Dusk: Good question

Lemondrop: *looks up from reading a book and at the question* Videogames? Classy has introduced me to a few so I can answer.

Bishop: I like pokemon

Loxo: Hmmm... Rose! Is there any game where you can ship people?

Silence: Sadly, no...

Why the bloody hell are you saying "Sadly, no"?

Loxo: Because imagine all the people that would improve all my ships!!!!

Fcking sake, Loxo. No one gives a damn about your ships...

Bishop: Bloody's only saying that because they're salty that most the ships include them..

...Traitor. And for the record, Loxo only has one ship that includes me.

Loxo: *muffling his giggling*

Voodoo: *whispers to Dusk* Is someone gonna tell 'em?

Dusk: *whispers* Probably not... should we?

Lemondrop: *joins in* Maybe we shouldn't... who knows how many.

Loxo: I have more than just one ship that involves you, Rose!!! Even more than three!!!!


Voodoo: I don't know how Loxo hasn't died by the paws of Alpha Bloods yet...

Bishop: The rest of the shippers will get angry if Bloody killed him... You don't want a bunch of angry shippers coming to the door... trust me.

Silence: Huh... we're gonna have to ask you about your ships that don't include Bloods...  But we'll save that for later.... 

Loxo: There's hardly any!!! *giggles*

...You mother f-

Lemondrop: Um... everyone... we're getting side tracked.

Voodoo: Yeah, we are. We always get sidetracked. We should answer the question.

Hmf... yeah, we should. Dusk.

Dusk: fnaf

Lemondrop: Nintendo pets! All the small little puppies are so adorable!

Voodoo: I actually like Minecraft

Silence: Undertale

Loxo: I also like minecraft! Even if you can't ship people in it!!

Pokemon all the way for me. And for Bishop also.

Bishop: Yep!

Speaking of pokemon.... You need to give back my flomantis

Bishop: I would but my cousin took away my ds... again!

Damn it! Welp... alright, that's it for this ask. As you all know. It's a tally-ho until next time!

Loxo: Bye-bye buggies! I hope we get more asks or dares!

Dusk: Please, send more  asks or dares because the twins lives are boring, and Buh-bye

You mother f-

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