Chapter 24: who'd have known?

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*Harry's pov*

Louis and I sat on the plush couch in the cabin for awhile, kissing and simply enjoying the relaxing idea of each others company. I think this is exactly what we both needed, just some time to relax and unwind from the very very (very fucking) stressful events that had been happening to the two of us. I was becoming okay with everything that happened recently in my life, from being kicked out of my house, crushing on Louis, fighting Louis, dealing with his father, meeting some cool dudes here-I guess it wasn't all bad.

My concerns rested with Louis. I worried for the poor kid. Being an open professional gay, I can sense when someone is having trouble with a sexuality crisis. Well given it wouldn't exactly take a genius to figure out Louis was struggling with that, I'm still going to give myself the credit of knowing that was struggling. Even last night when I told him several times just to relax and kiss me back, he seemed hesitant and worried. As if he were worrying about someone walking in.

Whatever was still bothering Louis I was determined to help him with, wether he wanted my help or not he was going to get it.

I sat down in the hard plastic chair in the dinning hall, my cereal placed in front of me next to my orange juice. Niall came up and sat down next to me, practically buzzing with excitement as he slammed down his bowl of cereal splashing some milk over the edges in the process. He sat down and turned towards me expectantly, folding his thin hands under his chin and directing his wide impatient blue eyes towards me.

I raised a curious eyebrow at the buzzing boy sitting next to me, just in time for Zayn to sit on my opposite side and put his hand on my shoulder. "Niall has been in my cabin all night, yapping about how excited he is to find out whats going on between you and Louis. So you better spill about it curly," he said, sounding more exhausted then he appeared.

Niall scoffed, taking a mouthful of cereal. "I wasn't talking all night, I went to sleep eventually when I realized you weren't listening anymore. But anyway Harry, you have some explaining to do," he said, his full attention on me.

I sighed and turned away from Niall's and Zayn's expectant stares, instead focusing my energy on studying the different people I had come to know in this building. I looked over at Liam, who was sitting next to Louis and Sara. He wasn't talking to any of the people sitting at the round table and quiet frankly I didn't blame him. He was stuck with a bummed out Louis, a permanently bitchy Sara, an obnoxious tramp Trisha, and Mr I'm always right Tomlinson. Wasn't exactly ideal company. So who could blame Liam for occasionally glancing up at our table across the room to steal quick looks with Zayn.

Every time their eyes would meet Zayn would raise an eyebrow as if he were shocked that Liam had once again looked at him and Liam would simply smirk and flush slightly in return as he looked back down at his breakfast. It was adorably depressing watching the two of them interact. Adorable in the way those small glances would share all their love with one another, squashing any worries the other might be having while they were sitting apart. Depressing in the way that they needed to use those tiny glances to reassure each other because they both knew they couldn't physically be there for one another.

I swallowed the cereal and milk I had in my mouth, looking at Niall curiously. "Why do you wanna know?" I asked, trying not to sound defensive but the question inevitably came out that way.

Niall held up his hands ,"Whoa chill out mate, I am simply curious as to whats going on with you two is all. There is way too much sexual tension for me not to be involved."

I blushed slightly, stirring my spoon absentmindedly watching the cereal swim in the milk wishing I could drown myself in the small bowl. Maybe if someone held my head in the bowl I could drown and be done with the conversation.

"See look he's blushing Zayn, that means they fucked!" Niall announced excitedly, a bit too loudly as he drew the attention of almost everyone in the room to our table. Now would be a perfect time to drown in a bowl of lucky charms.

I glanced up quickly, ignoring everyones peering glances the best I could, instead looking towards Louis, finding him looking right back at him, his blue eyes wide and filled with longingly feelings. Even from across the room I could clearly see every emotion in his eyes. When people say the eyes are the window to the soul, normally I would laugh at stupid things like that, but Louis just proved that statement to be true. His eyes truly gave away who he was inside, they gave away his emotions and thoughts. But perhaps it was just me that looked long and hard enough into those eyes to realize how much power they possessed.

Zayn turned his eyes onto me, looking at the side of my face as he addressed Niall. "Nialler don't you think you should be talking a bit quieter on a topic like this? Theres no need to air poor little Harry's dirty laundry to everyone now is there?" he asked in a overly sugary voice, keeping his gaze on me. Unlike Louis' easy to read eyes, Zayn's were cunning and unreadable.

I turned over to look at Louis again, shocked to see him pushing away his almost full plate and laying his head on the table. His posture just screamed defeated and tired. It broke my heart to see him in obvious distress and not be able to do anything about it. Liam noticed Louis' new way of sitting and looked up at me then Zayn. The two shared a small nod before Liam leaned down, putting a hand on Louis back and whispering something in his ear. I looked carefully, trying to figure out what was going on with them when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped slightly, before I realized it was just Zayn's. He gave me an understanding look and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Liam and Zayn knew exactly how I felt right now, and it was heart warming that they were trying their best to help us.

I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily, "There is no laundry, dirty or clean so can we just stop talking about it please?" I asked, drinking my orange juice numbly.

Zayn nodded, giving Niall a warning look causing the blond boy to groan heavily. "Come on dudes I meant no harm. I just want you and Louis to hook up already and be filled in on the details is that too much to ask?" He asked, trying desperately to reach his spoon over to my bowl. I shook my head and chuckled, pushing it over to the hungry lad and smiling at his delighted expression.

"Yes it is too much to ask," I said with a small smile on my face. As much as his questions were annoying the living craic out of me, he was a good kid and I considered him a good friend. I leaned closer to him, "Come to Zayn's cabin tonight and I'll fill you in on everything." I said with a small wink much to Niall's delight.

"Why my cabin ya dicks?" Zayn grumbled, but the smile on his face gave him away. We all shared a short laugh before we were interrupted by the doors swinging open.

The big wooden doors swung open loudly, drawing everybody's attention to the girl standing there. She was honestly beautiful, long orange hair tied back in a straight ponytail, freckles dotting her face, vibrant green eyes scanning the room until they landed on Louis, lighting up when they did. "Louis!" she called out excitedly. Louis lifted his head off the table to look at her, his eyes immediately widening in shock and confusion, his face paling slightly.

His father looked excited to see this girl, elbowing Louis' side and saying loud and clear enough for everyone to hear, "Aw look Louis, your girlfriend Marie came to visit."

Of course.


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