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So these my frans, are about friendship. the good times, bad times (just to quote a led zeppelin song). no friendship is 100% perfect, i know mine aren't. so everyone fights, hates each other one day love each other the next. it's what makes us human. i hope you enjoy these deep-ish poems. lemme know what you think of them! (: shanks!


Moving Sucks Bouncy Balls

How would I survive school

Without my best friend

Only you

Our friendship was long and true

But all of that was in the past

Sure we've had several laughs

But that was then

And this is now

It's been months since I've moved from town

We said we'd call almost every night

These tears are getting hard to fight

We havn't spoken since my last day

When we hugged and cried

You began to say

Enjoy the sunshine

Every ray

Don't be afraid to go out

And play

That was the last time I talked

To my best friend

And I will always cherrish it

'Til my end


Forever Is A Long Time...

Friends may not always be together.

To think it, makes us feel better.

In reality, one person will always go.

By choice or force, you'll never know.

You could always forgive and forget.

Secretly in your heart, they'll be kept.

True friendship is hard to acheive.

When we become friends, don't leave.


My Ex-Friend

I don't even know why

You even bother

To ask me how I am.

You just walk away

Like you forgot i was there.

You never apologize

Or even seem to care.


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