"Sorry..." I apologized.

"It's alright, now I know how wild you can get."

I blushed, splashing water at him and pushed him into the water while he was caught off guard. Sadly, it didn't stop him from laughing. "I hate you!"

"True to form."

"Shut up! Stupid Captain Douche..."


"There you two are!" Kamila beamed as Jaxon and I approached the camp. Everyone was huddled around a campfire that lit up in the darkness and I thought it was pretty convenient since Jaxon and I are soaking wet.

The others turned in our direction and I saw Audrey's eyes sparkle with mischief. She didn't say anything but, I knew she had something in mind. Surely, she'll bring it up later.

"Why are you two wet?" Trent asked while poking a stick at the flames. "We went swimming," Jaxon explained, wiping his hair from his face.

Tyler rolled his eyes at him. "How long are you going to be shirtless?" Sean, Trent, and Caleb nodded in agreement.

"You all are just jealous to have abs like mine."

"You wish." Sean scoffed.

"Then flex."


The rest of the boys took off their own shirts and showed off. I could only shake my head at the idiots. I was surprised that Trent was even in on this since he's the quiet one out of all of us. 

Did they think this was a strip show?!

The senior girls around us were squealing as if they were at a concert. The guys were glaring with jealousy. The teachers didn't step up to say anything, just sat on a log watching the five boys show off their bodies.

"There are scratches on your back, Jaxon." Audrey pointed out and I froze. Jaxon smirked. "Kitten and I had a romantic time together."

"No! Well- yes but, we did nothing except swim!" I frantically defended myself. Jaxon made it sound like we did more than swimming. Does he ever know how to not make everything sound perverted?

"Mhm," Mare said, nudging me with her elbow. "They look more like love marks to me."

"They aren't!" I stomped my foot like a child before storming off towards my tent. "I-I'm going to change!"

"Want help?!" Jaxon called out.

"Go to hell!"


I crawled into the tent and changed into some old pajamas. I tied my drenched hair up into a bun... or at least tried to. I wasn't tired but, I just want to be comfortable at least. I went to close my suitcase but, a slip of paper caught my attention.  Picking it up, I read the note.

enjoy being with jaxon while you can because you're not going to see another day again.

I rolled my eyes, crumbling the note. No doubt it was Maddy. She's the only one who has her eyes still set on Jaxon. However, there are still those fangirls of his. I was hoping they would all stop after we got together but, they aren't.

There was still that enjoyment of seeing them jealous though.

I walked out of the tent and a hand clamped over my mouth. I was about to panic but, there was no pressure and I didn't get a dangerous vibe.

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