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"I fucking hate hikes!" Audrey groaned.

"Same. Ugh!" Mare rubbed her back.

I stopped, leaning onto the tree as I gathered my breath.  "What the hell were the teachers thinking?!"

Who thought it was a brilliant idea to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to go hiking?! Oh right, the teachers. It's a good thing it was pretty chilly. If we were all sweltering in the heat, it would've been a different story.

Unlike the rest of us, Kamila was frolicking up the path with a cheerful grin on her face. She is a huge morning person. If people didn't know we were related, no one would've suspected a thing. I'll never know how she can be energetic at times. She's always so positive and there is always a good vibe around her.

"Who wants to carry me?" I heard Trent ask the guys who were ahead of us.

"Forget carrying you, carry me!" Caleb remarked. They both playfully bickered back and forth of who would carry who first. I shook my head at the two. They really were arguing about something so pointless.

Jaxon stopped and faced everyone. "I'll solve this issue right now." He cleared his throat, placing his hand on his chest. "You all carry me."

We all deadpanned him before bursting into laughter. He scoffed, flicking us off. With that, Kamila took over the floor. "You guys are wimps! Having a walk in the morning is refreshing! You get a nice clear mind and enjoy the fresh air, birds, insects-"

"This hike is apart of your grades so get the walking." One of the teachers, Miss. Fiona, shouted as she walked past us. As soon as she said that, we all suddenly got the spirit to walk. This is payback for causing the teachers a headache so they forced us on this walk.

The cruelty.

Someone viciously knocked into my shoulder. I stumbled over a tree root and landed on the mud. I'll sulk over the mud and grass I had to wash off when I get back to the campsite. Right now, someone was going have to deal with a pissed off Kimora Woods.

"Kimora! Are you alright?" Jaxon held out a hand to help me off the ground but, I disregarded it and got up myself. It's too early to be dealing with this bullshit.

I turned around to one of Jaxon's fangirls that I've never encountered before. The only reason I could tell was from the blown up face of Jaxon winking on her white shirt. The hideous thing could've been spotted a mile away. I doubt he would get lost in this forest.

I'm starting to feel sorry for Jaxon.

"My bad. I didn't see you there." Her voice wasn't even close to remorse. She had a sorry look on her face but, she was laughing in mockery under the transparent mask.

"It's okay." I put on the best fake smile I could muster. She walked past me, bumping into my shoulder again. I stumbled again but, Jaxon caught me this time. She really tried it.

I reached for her but, Jaxon swiftly intervened. He tossed me over his shoulder, dragging me away from her. "Let me go, Captain Douche! How are you just going to let her shove me like that-"

He interrupted. "You shouldn't be fighting, Kitten."

Folding my arms, I glared at his back muscles. I tried my best to ignore the blush on my cheeks. "So she gets away with pushing me then?"

"No. We'll deal with that later."

I gave up, resisting against his hold. He obviously wasn't going to do what I asked... then again, he hardly ever does. All that was heard was the birds chirping and Jaxon's heavy feet crushing the fallen leaves under his shoes. It was too quiet. Why aren't there any groans from teenagers who were forced to trudge through the forest so early?

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