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In this part Connor and Evan are friends and they do send emails and stuff to each other

Slight NSFW

~Evans POV~

I got home after a long horrible day at school. At least it's Taco Tuesday with Mum. I went to the fridge to get the stuff ready when I notice a note.

Im so sorry Evan but
I won't be home for dinner tonight,
There was and extra shift and we needed the money. I'll pay you back but order some food
Love you xx

That was my breaking point, I let the note drop out of my hand and ran to my room. I could feel tears running down my cheeks as I jumped on to my bed and covered my face in the pillow.
Is it my fault? Everyone hates me.

I cried harder for a couple minutes until I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I ignored it and continued crying until I heard it again and again and again.

I finally pull it out of my pocket and look unlock it going to messages.

Connor- Hey are you OK?
You looked bummed out at school


Are u OK?!

Jesus Christ Evan.

I laughed a little when I read them, my heart flutter knowing he cares enough to ask.

Evan- Yeah today has just been
A shit day.

Connor- Did the Evan Hansen
Just swear?! Today must of been bad.

Do you want me to come over?

Evan- Yeah my Mums not home,

Wait that sounded bad!

Connor- ;)

I blushed and turned off my phone. Connor had only come over when other people had been over to, I was nervous to be alone with my crush but excited to.

I went into the bathroom and splashed my face with water to make it look like I hadn't been crying.

Knock knock knock knock

Wow he got he really fast.
I ran down stairs and got ready to open the door.

"Jared?" I asked, not who I'd been expecting
"Yes, it is I, the insanely cool Jared Klienman" he walked past me and sat on the couch, inviting himself in.
"Why are you here?" I asked more aggressive than expected. He looked up at me shocked
"I know you hate me but I didn't think it was that bad"

Knock knock

I turned around to get it but Jared sprinted up and swung the door open
"Connor?" He looked between us and smirked "Oh so thats why you didn't want me here, you wanted some Murphy Dick"
"Jared!" I blushed and turned towards Connor "sorry," I mumbled
"It's fine, I'm use to it" he walked in and slumped on the couch.

"I'm here to order Evan food because I know he's to awkward to do it himself, why are you here?" Jared raised and eyebrow at Connor
"Because I can"
"Not to Fuck Evan?" Jared asked, I blushed furiously
"Nope" Connor said poping the 'p'

How can he be so calm!?
"Anyway, what are we getting?" I said trying to change the subject
"Pizza!" Jared yelled "My Mum is making meat loaf so I'm staying"
"OK, I'll go grab the money" I went upstairs and into my room grabbed a twenty dollar note and came back down.

"so you mix weed and bath bombs?" Connor asked, this is only about the second time they've actually talked without just calling each other names or fighting, So Connor is still learning the basics.
"Yeah, you should try it" Jared said, Connor just raised and eyebrow and turned to me
"You've got and really weird friend" I laughed at his statement and said in unison with Jared
"Family friend."

I Gave my phone to Jared
"You can order since you can talk but," I passed the money to Connor "He's paying and talking when it's at the door" Jared gasped playfully
"You don't trust me?!"
"Well I just gave you my phone unlocked, that more than nothing" Jared smirked
"I didn't think about that..."
"Jared!" I yelled
"OK, OK, fine I won't"

We went to sit down on the couch
"Lorax or Wall-E?" I smiled as he remembered my two favourite movies
"Well I always pick, why don't you for once?" I said
"Well I'll pick one later" he smirked and I raised and eyebrow.

We ended up watching Wall-E and I couldn't help but glance at Connor every now and then
God he's hot.
The way his hair falls on his shoulders, how casual he looks. As I thought, my Mind when another discretion.

Having him pin me against the wall leaving marks on my neck. How he's grown some muscle the pass couple months. How good his lips would look around-  OH GOD WHY DID I THINK THAT?

I felt my pants grow slightly tighter and I mentally sighed.
Dam it Evan

~Connor's POV~

I noticed through out the start of the movie Evan looked uncomfortable, he kept squirming and he looked flushed.
"Hey Ev, are you OK?" he didnt look at me but responded
"I-I'm fine" I didn't believe it for one second but Jared walked in before I could say anything.
"Hes probably just hungry," Jared said obviously hearing are conversation.

The pizza came and we scoffed it, as soon as we finished Jared ditched.

"So tell me why your day was so bad." I asked, Evan sighed taking a deep breath.


Part 2 will be smut~

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