Boy Oh Boy

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ok so i'm going to let you in on a little secret. come closer, closer, closer, TOO CLOSE! just kidding. anywho, these poems are obviously about boys and the problems us girls seem to have with them. well, most of us girls. i don't know about you, but i have horrible guy luck. so i hope you enjoy! let me know your thoughts and maybe ideas for something i should write. (:


'Tis Life

School is always on my mind

Boys, well I have no time

Over the summer, yes I do

But I'm always away from you

Then school starts up again

And I fill with glee

I'm constantly thinking

"maybe he'll talk to me."

But you forgot me over the summer

Got cheated on by you girlfriend?

I'm currently taken. Bummer.



happy joy

i like this boy



eyes that smile

with every glance

selfishly i think

he'll give me a chance

when he doesn't

i sigh

then look around

for a worthy guy


Facebook Help

I'm always wondering

What your status will be

Single. In a relationship. Married.

I guess this break I'll just have to die

Of curiosity.


Love At First Glace

A slight look just makes me blush.

Red explodes across my hiding face.

A nervous fit of giggles stirs over.

And I lose all sense of control.

All because you looked.


Secret Love

I can't help but feel

Cheated by you

I have no idea why

We were never together

I shouldn't be jealous

I should know better

But I can't help this

Feeling of anger

I just want to hang her

Or you, doesn't matter


The Beatdown

I could take you down

Eyes open or closed

You ripped open my heart

My feelings exposed

Your going to pay



Macho. If I looked up the definition

I'd see a picture of your face

You're a sad excuse for a person

For the entire human race.

You think you're hot stuff

A big tough guy; all buff

Well when I beat the crap out of you

Hopefully I'll beat out your bad attitude


I Can Only Hope...

I don't know what to do.

Much less, what to say.

Do I casually walk to you?

Start a conversation with "Hey"?

Risk a bad impression?

That would do me no good.

I wouldn't slip into depression.

Not again. Though I could.

I think only time can tell

If our paths will cross.

I hope they do.

That'd be...swell

As much as I'd love to

Take the first step,

I can't bring myself to you.

Not today, at least not yet.


Black Blood

I didn't know my heart

Could bleed black blood

This is just karma

For sharing my love


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