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Lee  P.O.V

I stared at him, wide awake.
The man who I loved was wrapped in sheets, the sun strikes making shine brightly over his freckles on shoulder, his thighs, knees, some of his knuckels, elbows and on his face.

His ponytail wrapped so decentfull, but still some of curls were tangled across sheets and pillows.

And what more fascinanting?

Watching him sleeping, making those beutifull sleep soft noises, while hickeys from last night were visible on his neck.

I blush slightly of memory,
I remember making him moan like crazy, begging for more, crying like a slut when his hairs was oulled and messy, making deep slurs and suckles on his neck.

I remeber when I fucked him merciless while chocking him while he made that beutifull sound. Beutifull song as if Angel choir.

I smiled at him. God he is too precius.

I dont know which is hotter, sleeping like a good slut after being fucked, or when he screams your name while you pound into him.

I dont even know how did I get him. Did I even deserve him? Probably.

I stare at his freckles, while I started counted them. I didnt realize he was waking up.

He smiled as I kiss him
"Morning love." John said as he lifted himself, startching up while he groaned.

"What a beutifull sight..." I said in awe as I ran with my finger down his back, as he shivered.

I slowly crawle behind him, kissing his cheek while I was pulling him closer as I kiss his neck.

In result I got a stifle moan.

"D..daddy .." he whined out

"Daddy, what?" I smirk "you didnt even got up properly and you want to be fucked??"

He turned to me as he spreaded my legs quite widely, his eyes were full of hunger and lust.

"Oh shit...babygirl you are so fucking hot.." I said feeling growing hard.

"Will you give me a head, baby?? Daddy would love that.." I said softly, as I caress my finger through his face, as he shuddered before leaning in.

He took my cock softly out of boxers as he give it few bumps, leaning closer before spitting on my cock, taking it whole inside.

"H..holy shit Laurens!" I moaned out grabbing his hair. He moaned as he was licking my head only to send some vibrations.

I tossed my head as he was sucking me like there is no tommorow. He has got skilled tongue and skilled mouth. Holy shit-

I chokes out on breath as he bobbed his head diwn, basically giving me deepthroat. I mean yes it fely good, but he startefd choking.

"Baby, you alright?" I asked as he was coughing a bit, he soon stopped and bobbed his head, making me crazy.

I soon cummed after that, as he slurped all of my cumm, looking fucking hot when my cumm was dripping from his corner-mouth.

He wipe it a bit ad he stared at my cock soon coming hard after that.

"D..daddy.." he managed to choke out, looking hungirly at my cock.

"What is it babygirl?" I said my eyes not leaving him, as sun shined through his skin.

He bit his lip in a attempt to seduce me
"Can I ride you cock, daddy? Pretty please?" He whined out.

I smirked
"Since you asked nicely, go for it" I said smug on my face.

He gulped as he crawled to me, sitting on my cock, slowly sliding down, looking hot as hell.

I let out whine as his tight ass devour my cock, when he sat down.

He looked at me for a bit as I just nod, helplessly.

Hwle slowly started ti bounce as his nails were streching my chest, moaning.

I took firm hold of his hips, slamming the shit out of him, while he begged and pleaded as he was on edge of crying.

"Daddy, daddy, oh daddy! THERE DADDY!!" He moaned as hit his spot which send him on tears.

I grabbed for his hair, to tug it to the side while I reached his throat, full exposing his throat, while he moaned.

I sucked his neck over his left bruises.

He soon cummed, me soon following.

He was panting like dog on leash as we deeply kissed, like its last day on earth.

We kissed with tongue, goung deeper for eachother mouths.

"What do you want from breakfast?" John asked softly.

I smirked

"Eggs and you for a dessert." I said as I lick his bottom lip.

He smirked.

"Of course, daddy"

The end


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