1) Introduction to MoI

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Hello! Hóla! Aloha! Wassup?

My name's Sydney! I'm the author, and I want all of the readers, yes YOU, to get to know me!

Okay here we, or I go.

~My favorite colors are white, pink, and blue
~I'm a firm believer that you can't have only one favorite color
~My birthday's July, 3rd
~I'm 15
~I'm super creative and love doing anything slightly creative
~Shopping is my cardio even if I don't do a lot of it.
~I have done softball, swimming, horseback riding, tennis, dance, and archery.
~I love love.
~Pure optimist. The glass is totally half full.
~I love making others happy!
~Volunteering is amazing.
~I'm pretty emotional. I can cry during a Pixar movie easily.
~Book addict... like seriously I need help 😂.

These are just a few facts. If y'all wanna know more just comment some questions. And I'll answer!

Lots of love! Sydney❤️

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