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"Trish" I yelled while holding daryl whose eyes were starting to flutter open

"😂😂 sweetie glad you remembered me" she laughed

Um of course I will remember her since she is my best friend and also ripped her dad's throat.

"I see you got yourself some little friends" she smiled while pacing around slowly causing her heels to sound

"Dear,dear,Dear you see your friends can't save you not even daryl" she smirked and winked at me.

How did she know his name

"How did u know him" I asked tighten my face to show her I really mean business

"Oh dear such a silly question, but I will answer, you see I can only say this, i ripped his parents in two and sent them knocking on the gates of hell" she laughed heartily then stopped and pointed at me

"You by the way will give me something I want" she growled, she was coming closer to me when daryl got up and shifted and pounced on her knocking her down.

She got up and snarled showing her sharp canine,her eye turned blue but she didn't turn fully, she rushed to daryl and slashed his stomach and smashed the windows rushing out.

"Daryl,!!!" I cried and ran to him and Travis ran to him too

"Are you okay" I asked

"Am fyn" he answered holding the injury

"You don't look fine to me" I breathed

"I said am fine!!!, I will heal okay, just go away!!!" He yelled

Why is he being so cold to me, what have I done wrong, guys help me out,what did I do wrong?

He got up and went up to the guest room and I heard a hard slam, that's him slamming the door shut.

"Holland look he I......" I cut travis off

"It's okay am gonna go now" I sadly dragged myself upstairs to the living room, took by bag and left.

Travis's pov

Guys I don't understand anymore, like 30 mins ago they were kissing and now they are fighting and to top it all miss bad timing from know where came in to ruin the moment.

I know what to do, am gonna kit up and be a man now, no more hiding, or running from death. If my friend is a wolf and am not am gonna be my own superhero.

I walked up the stairs to the guest room and knocked Softly on the door

"Hey man" I said "come on open up" I knocked further

"Daryl" I said but no reply and I left the door and went to my room disappointed

I think that's why we need parents to cuddle you and ruffle your hair, to give you good advice and also give you tasty treats. Right now I need a hug but I got no one to call, my parents are on vacation in Hawaii because I don't seem to do anything right, am a mess, they need a break from me.

It tortures me deeply but no one knows how I feel , no one to talk too,no one to love but you know what am gonna change from now on. No more 24 hours of cereal, weakness, and bad grades. Am gonna become a new travis.

Daryls pov

I checked the injury and it's fully healed, I switched on the bathroom light and washed my hand and face, I stared at the mirror, when did I become like this, am I a monster?

"You know you shouldn't have reacted like that" Ian scolded

"I know I didn't mean too but finding out the truth about my parents it hurts more Than-more than -m-m-m " I started crying, I can't help it,it's not my fault

"It's okay, real people don't hurt others cause of what they are facing or faced before, instead they intend to love people to make up for the past. You have a chance to love and someone to give all your care too,why lose that by letting the past hunt you?" Ian explained

Ian is like my brother but lives in me. He's the best

"Thanks a lot ian" I said and rinsed my face.


I slowly walked into the house and my parents were laughing over some random TV show.

"Hey mom, hey dad " I greeted and was walking up the stairs

"Sweetie are you okay" my mom asked

"Y-y-yes mom" I stammered and hurried upstairs, I entered my room and locked the door and rested on the door sliding down gently

I started crying,

What did I do wrong,


Hey guys I was literally crying while writing this chapter, it's just so touching.
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