Chapter X: Hitting The Trail

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They left the day after the Fralgarzener incident. Dymorla didn’t want to give him any chance to try anything else. She was clearly a bit frightened of him.

“Okay, are you both ready?” Djar asked, poking his head into Zack’s room.

Cookie was helping the boy pack. He had never been on an extended camping trip, so the sprite was giving him a crash course on what to bring and how to pack it.

“Where’s the Off and the battery-powered fans?” he asked with a smirk. Cookie didn’t answer. She already learned to spot when he was making a private joke, usually in reference to his homeland. 

“Okay, that about does it,” she said cheerily.

Djar knew that Cookie would be glad to get back on the trails again. She was clearly most contented when she was traveling, and their stay at Dymorla’s had been a bit constricting for her. Djar had never known anyone to get cabin fever as quickly or easily as Cookie.

“I’m ready too. Though I feel like I’m back in court in military formals.”

“Me too, but Dymorla wants us dressed like this. She said we’d be better off once we got to Illum. She also doesn’t want us meeting up with any Waypriest on his way back to the stronghold unless we look … regal. 

The sorceress had conjured clothes with their guidance; they looked and fit well. Djar’s outfit was mostly leather, studded in brass and silver. Everything was of the highest quality, strong yet supple: a jerkin, pants, and knee-high boots. He also requested an ornate bronze breastplate painted with the charging griffin insignia of the House Of Lahroan. Dymorla had simply used his belt buckle and his description as a guide and conjured armor very close to the type back in his quarters in Mahhrain. The sentient Dybol was his only weapon and it hung at his side in the new intricate leather scabbard Dymorla had provided. Finally, a fine-woolen scarlet cloak that matched the shirt under his jerkin completed the ensemble. 

Cookie’s outfit was nearly the same; only she didn’t want what she considered a too bulky breastplate. At first, Dymorla had asked her what type of dresses the ladies at court in Mahhrain wore, but after a good laugh, Cookie described exactly what she wanted. She rarely, if ever, wore the kind of frilly dresses that the Ladies wore, and certainly never on the trails! She also searched through Dymorla’s small armory for a new weapon – her last being bent in two by the demon! She didn’t find a sword she really liked – there weren’t an abundance of fine blades crafted for smaller women, but she did come up with a functional short sword. It was about the length she desired and well balanced, but a bit heavy to suit her style. One thing that made her extremely happy, however, was the short bow and quiver of finely made arrows she had found. Of course, she also strapped on several of her usual short travel daggers – two on each leg, one on each arm, and one was strapped at the small of her back.

Zack’s outfit was a great departure from what he wore in his world. He was splendidly decked out in clothes and armor that only the richest noble would or could dream of. His breastplate was made of silver with golden accents. Dymorla had fashioned him what would be his own insignia, a great phoenix spreading its wings over a cluster of stars. When Cookie commented that it looked a little like the Waypriests’ heron and star insignia, Dymorla smiled and said that she thought that could be a subtly effective help in convincing them to rally to their cause. Yes, Zack Needham was clearly designed to be the center attraction in the little company. It also seemed as if Dymorla thought of just about everything.

They made their way down to the great hall on the ground floor of the keep. Trever and Dymorla were waiting.

“Trever, you look great,” said Cookie, “You clean up well!”

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