Just for you (Pt.1)

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(Angst / Fluff)

*call declined*
Seokjin sighed deeply under his breath holding back the tears that formed in his eyes. Once again his calls were declined. Jungkook is probably unavailable busy working or busy with her.  The her he could never be.
Jungkook once was talking to her on the phone while he pretended to be asleep.

Ever since Jungkook was a trainee in her father's company she took an interest in him, then her dad,  the great Ceo promised Jungkook a promotion and a very alluring salary if he accepted to marry his daughter in the future.
Which Jungkook did.

But then fate played its nasty game and he met Seokjin whom was the epitome of beauty.  The younger woke a deep dangerous hunger in Jungkook.  He was a wolf and he found the perfect prey.
Little by little,  the predator succeeded in tainting Seokjin's innocence.

Jungkook was bound to Miyong by the promise he made and to Jin by the bed they shared. While he would work hard and prove to the Ceo that he's worth everything that'll be given to him he goes when night fall and empty all his stress in Seokjin.

After that Seokjin would wake up alone and cry. Even tho he knows Jungkook is destined to someone else he still allow himself to continue this affair.
It's not fair.
He feels filthy for doing such a deed.
Empty...empty without Jungkook's hands all over his weak body, without his skin warmth,  without the sweet little praise he whispers in his ears.

The phone ringing interrupted his thoughts but he was quicker than the usual to answer.
"Hello?" the person said disappointing Jin. It wasn't Jungkook.
"Hello." Jin murmured back.
"You must be Kim Seokjin."
"Yes that's me.  And you?"
"I am Park Lee from Solar University ,  I am talking to you about the application you submitted to get a scoralship. I am sorry to tell you Seokjin,  it wasn't accepted."
"It's okay sir,  I understand."  the last part came as a barely edible whisper.

There goes one of his dreams down. He was never financially stable, he has no parents,  he lives in a tiny studio apartment and now his chance of entering the University of his dreams was crashed.

New text message*
From: Jungkook.
Tonight,  9:00 pm in my apartment.

Sorry am not coming.

Seokjin sent the reply then laid down on the old couch,  his eyed heavied with sleep and tiredness.

He can't continue this. And for the first time since everything began he's going to have a say and just break everything off...but he's not ready yet.
Jungkook won't even care,  he'll have to search for another mistress or whatever.

He woke up to the scary sound of Thunders booming and rain that hit closed windows Like a barage of bullets. Seokjin curled into a ball trying to continue his sleep,  he was never okay with these storms since he was a child,  they always scared him.

He looked at the phone for some distraction only to find it flooded with notification.
Four missed call.
Five unread messages.

From: Jungkook.

I'll be waiting. No refusing.

Where are you already?

It's 8:45 pm.

What are you doing??

Jin answer already.  I am stressed af.

*block this contact?*
Yes✔    No

*Unblock this contact*
Yes✔     No

Seokjin sighed again. What a pity he made of himself.

There was a knock on his door. Opening up,  he found an unfamiliar young man standing in front of him.
Must be someone who newly moved in this old building.

"I am really sorry for the disturb in such an hour, but ran out of sugar-oh my god please don't tell me I woke you up." he said flustered which was kinda of cute. Jin gave a small smile.
"It was the thunderstorm who did it. And I have some extra sugar in the kitchen. You may come in."
"No,  I've caused enough disturb."
"I insist."

"Here you go."
"Thank you. I am Park Jongon."
"Kim Seokjin."
"Before I leave I am really sorry if that'll creep you out but you're so beautiful."
"I know I am."
Jongon chuckled and bowed before turning to leave.  Just then Jungkook entered using the extra key Jin once gave him.

Jungkook was standing with his hands on his hips,  looking from up on Seokjin making him feel tiny under the strong gaze not sparring the new neighbor a glance . Jongon said his goodbye before finally getting out.

"Is that's why?"
"Why what?"
"Is that's why you ignored my messages and calls? For him."
"I have nothing to tell you Jungkook. Please leave. And don't forget that you did the same. Everyday."
"I am busy working!"
"Well excuse me for being an annoying  side bitch but I am a human too!"
"You're being overly sensitive these days."
"You know what? Let me show you something that'll make you run away from me."

Seokjin said while grabbing a small envelope and handing it to Jungkook.

"The reason I tried to call you." he murmured while letting his tears slide.
"Yes Jungkook. I am a carrier and I might be pregnant so go back to the company and your future."
"I said go ." Jin said dragging Jungkook out of his apartment then locked his door.
Go but please don't leave me. I beg you.

Jungkook left.

____________________________ to be continued.......

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