"Dude. I don't know what you're talking about!" He said.

I looked around the table but it was no use. It was gone. I had saved the contact number of the house where they lived. It was the only number. If I didn't have it then how would I call Bree and reassure her that I would come for her?

Could it be?

After all he was always the one behind my misery? Of course it's him.

I hurriedly walked towards the living room. "Where is it ,KYLE? Where the hell is my Phone?" I shouted to him across the room. People started staring at me. A lot of them were whispering in each other ears.

Kyle finally made his attention towards me and smirked, "I don't know. A bird must have taken it away." He shrugged looking bored

"Kyle I'm going to kill you. Tell me where my phone is!" I shouted at him.

"Okay fine. I'll give you a hint" He paused for a second " Your Phone is drowning. Save it while you can." He said while smirking.

Drowning? The hell does he means by that?

Oh the pool. Did he throw my phone in the pool?

"Now shush and go away." He ushered me by his hands towards the swimming pool area and made his way back to the couch.

There was no one inside the pool and I could see my phone on its surface. I took my jacket off. As I jumped in the pool, a crowd started gathering around it to see what's going on.

I picked my phone and climbed out of the swimming pool. There were a few ooh's and aah's around me and I realised that the baby pink shirt that I was wearing was now see through and was sticking to me like second skin.

"You can even see her bra! What a slut!" I female voice said from somewhere.

"Your tits look good!"

"Wanna go to my place?"

I had never felt this humiliated and ashamed in my whole life. Tears started forming and I refused to let them drop. Kyle, that fucking bastard.

I covered myself with my jacket and holding my phone with my hands, I made my way outside.

Kyle was still sitting on the couch, smirking arrogantly with the girl sitting beside him. By now, his whole group was here too. Matt and Jace were sitting on the table, watching us carefully. James was sitting on the other couch and looked slightly upset.

I glared at him and started to walk outside but was stopped when the girl whispered to, probably Kyle, "Um Do you know her?"

"Nah, she's just a servant who works for me over here."

My hands clenched and the knuckles started going white. I was his servant? Bloody hell. I'll teach him what a servant can actually do. I walked towards him.

I took a tequila from a person's hand and dropped it all over him. That'll teach him a lesson.

"Oops sorry Sir." I say and slightly bow down towards him in a mocking manner.

Everyone in the room goes silent and Kyle and the girl look with shock towards me.

Then the room is filled with James's laugh and Matt and Jace's snickers. Everyone else just looks shocked and surprised.

"Dude, Looks like she made you wet." James says in between his laughs and Matt and Jace joins him.

"Or more like, they both made each other wet." Jace says and high fives James who is holding his stomach, laughing even louder than before.

While on the other hand, Kyle looks furious. His hazel eyes were like blazing fire and I'm pretty sure, my blue ones mirrored his.

He's trying to hide his anger and makes his way towards me.

"I'll ruin you." He whispers in my ear through clenched teeth.

"If that's all you can do-" I pointed towards the pool."-Then you're going to have to try better than that." I say and walk away.

"You're gonna regret it!" He shouts as I wave him my middle finger.


I didn't even realise that I've walked too far until the cold wind of night kissed my skin. I needed to cool down after my fight with him so I started walking.

Now instead of the huge houses and posh looking area, there were abandoned buildings and the darkness.

I pulled the zipper of my jacket to block out the cold wind. I didn't even know where I was going.

"Hey sexy! You lost?" A guy came out of nowhere.

"No. you get lost!" I shouted as he made his way towards me. He tried to grab my arm but I kicked him and started running.

"Hey bitch where are you going?" He grabbed me from my hair and started dragging me. I slammed by foot on his leg and he let go because of the pain.

I started sprinting away but was caught by another man and he slammed me into the floor. I then started to get up but noticed that I was now surrounded by four guys. I tried to run but I felt some twisting and turning in my stomach. One of them punched my stomach.




My vision started darkening and my eyes slowly started closing.

"I'll have my fun with her first and then you guys can go next." The voice of the same guy said and I felt a hand starting to unzip my jacket.


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