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I do not claim to be an expert on fiction, or on writing. I don't have those sorts of credentials yet. I am just a very opinionated person who happens to be a writer.

This is merely just a book full of my opinions on fiction. Some of those opinions, you might fully agree with. Others, you might not. That's fine. We are all entitled to our own opinions on fiction because fiction is merely just how we display reality or how we wish reality was. It's all subjective, really.

My love of fiction started when I was pretty little. I devoured fiction through movies and books my parents would read to me.
Before I could even write, I would draw pictures of characters from TV shows and make stories.
Throughout my elementary school years, I would write stories occasionally, mostly about princesses or animals. I was never really serious about writing until I received my first real computer for Christmas when I was eleven.

Ever since I got really serious about writing, I started doing whatever I could to get better at it and learn more about it. I read fiction. I read books about writing. I even took the One Year Adventure Novel course.

In the spring of 2016, I finally finished my first novel. It was utter garbage. That fall, I finished my second novel, which I published on here temporarily and is now currently in the beginning process of being rewritten.

My writing journey continues at a painstaking pace.
But it nevertheless continues. And hopefully, so will yours.

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