:Chapter Two:

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♥ C H A P T E R   T W O ♥

☆ Viola's P.O.V ☆

I pulled my back in a tight ponytail and splashed the cold water from the sink onto my face. The water was awaking. I gasped at the chill that sent shivers down my spine. Washing the remaining soap off my face. I patted my face with a hand towel, and rose my head to the mirror. The mirror held the reflection of a girl. An ordinary girl. The reflection, lied. I wasn't any ordinary girl. I was Viola Banks. Redgrove high's most popular/wanted. I've been called, everything from, Drama-Queen to School Bitch. I don't take it personally really. I stayed over at my dad's house last night to check on out on him. He was ill...I mean, really ill. Well, dads' not here...He went back again for check up. I sighed. "Mom?!" I called. "Hello...?" I rushed down the stairs to see if anyone was even at home from last night. No one. Mom and Sophie was still at the hospital. They probably got tired and slept over...Yeah, Right! Just as I swung open the front door, a familiar face appeared in front of my eyes, "Austin!" I cheered, growing a huge smile on my face. "Come inside."

"You and Alex, ey?" Austin said. I felt my heart skipped a beat. My breath got short, and I had no idea what to respond.

"I-Uhm, no." I stuttered.

Austin smirked, and took a seat beside me on the couch. "So, you're telling me there's nothing going on between you and Alex?"

I shook my head quickly, "Not at all."

"So, that kiss...meant nothing? Just a friendly peck?" He asked. What was I doing? Lying to my best friend in the whole world?

"Yes." I said, my voice small. Austin's face grew closer to mine, his face was meerly inches from mine.

"Just friends?" He asked.

I nodded, "Yes." 

Austin smiled, his amazing eyes twinkling, "So, If I kiss you right now, it would mean nothing? Because we're just friends." I barely managed to nod. Was he going to kiss me? He nealed in and I held my breath. Just then, he burst out laughing. "Oh, god. You should of seen your face! You were terrified!" Austin fell to the floor, shaking with laughter.

I finally managed to breath again, "You're an idiot!" I said, throwing a pillow towards him. He dogged it, only making me angrier.

Austin finally stopped laughing, "I was just kidding, Viola. But do answer me this...am I really that terrible? You'd be afraid to kiss me?" Suddenly the atmosphere got serious and I felt my palm get sweaty.

"You're a jerk, but I'm gonna answer your question truthfully. No, your not horrible. You're just such a great friend, I'd be afraid to loose you."

Austin nodded, "You're sweet. And since we're practically best friends...what's the number on rule in friendship?"

I shrugged and said the first thing that came into mind, "Honestly?"

Austin nodded.

I sighed, Austin was too smart. "Okay, Okay. I'll tell you the truth..."Austin nodded, indicating me to go on. He took a seat back on the couch and I felt my mouth go dry. "Alex...Alex." I mumbled. "Basically, Alex asked me out." I immediately regretted saying this when Austin didn't reply with a smile.

Austin scratched the back of his head, "Well, I wasn't expecting that..."

"You just saw me kiss him, what were you expecting?" I asked.

Austin shrugged, "Maybe an 'I've been drinking' excuse, but defiantly not this..."

I sighed. "I'd expected you'd react differently."

"Well, what do you want me to say?" He asked.

I shrugged, "Maybe an 'I'm happy for you' would be nice." Austin didn't look happy for me. He seemed stressed and a bit confused. It frightened me. Austin was usually the guy who would always be excited for everyone. Except this time.

"Well, I can't just picture you and Alex together." He responded.

I was confused now, "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, Alex seems like an awesome guy and I guess I'm kinda happy for you both...but what the hell happened with Duke? One minute, he's the man of your dreams and the next, your kissing some random, Alex. But I always pictured you with someone else..." He declared.


Austin didn't say anything. He hesitated and the same time, sighed, dropping his head to the floor, " Honestly?"


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