Author's Note Part 2

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I honestly can't believe some people. I read so many stories about the dark web on Google and there are so many things different people saw, but yet, some decide to say those things don't exist.

For example, red rooms. The "experts" who are on the dark web for "years" say they don't actually exit. They might not exist, but somewhere, deep down, someone is being held captive and maybe tortured on a livestream.

And who said there are no hitmen? This must be a joke. Again, if you look deep down on the dark web, where not everyone can have access if they're not a computer expert, might be sites where you can hire hitmen. I honestly disagree with the authors of books about the dark web and journalists that investigate it. You're a journalist or an author, that doesn't mean you're an IT expert.

The deep web, altogether with the dark web, are almost 99% of the internet. That means.. A lot. It means over 10 TB. It's so freaking large and it can't be explored in only a few years. It's larger than Google, and let's be real, whenever we look for something, there are hundred of sites popping up.

Again. My personal opinion is that people who say they explore the dark web should pay attention to what they say. Because honestly, I don't believe they explored everything, so no one can tell for sure if there are hitmen, or livestreams, and so on. I don't believe every journalist or author that wants to write about the dark web stuff went so deep down on it and found the things everyone know are on the dark web - hitmen, livestream, torture, etc.

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