The Text..

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Liza's POV

Okay, what?! Who is this? How dis they get my number? Elizabeth.. That's me. But I go by Liza!

Gabbie's POV

Gabrielle? First of all, I go by Gabbie! And, everyone in the vlogsquad got this messege?!

D- What the fuck?! How did this person get my number?!

D- Hey Alex, did you get a text from an unknown number?
A-Uhh yeah, I did, do you know them?
D- No, I don't..

?- This might work!
??- I know! Lets just wait..
?- Okay. HAHAHAH!!
??- HAHAHA!!

C- Hmm.. Erin isn't here, I wonder where she is.. But, everyone else got the text, thats odd..

Gabbie calls the group chat on snapchat.

D- Hey Gab.
G- Did you guys get a text? From an unknown number?!
A- I did.
L- Me too.
C- It was really weird..
D- Do you know them?
G- I don't know them.
D- I have an idea. Meet me at my place, in 20 minutes.
Z- Okay..
C- On it.
G- Alright.
D- See you guys there!

Everyone arrives at David's place.

D- Hey guys!
Everyone- Hi!
D- I was thinking, we all could show up at the place at the same time. Just to stay safe, you know.
G- Good idea!
L- Yeah!
C- Okay.
Z- Sounds safe.
D- Lets get going! Take my car. Lets go.

They arrived at the place..

A- This place looks sketchy..
G- Scary!
L- Aww, don't worry! Liza is here!
C- Should we go inside..?
Z- We have to figure out who it is.
D- Lets go inside then!
K- Scott, I'm scared.
S- It's okay Babe.. I'm here..

They all go into the house..

They all hear:

?- Hello, friends..
??- You won't see what's coming~😉

The lights black out.

Z- Oh my god!
K- Are you guys okay?!

Scott holds Kristen.

A- Be careful guys!

The lights turn back on.

D- Is everyone okay?!

Liza notices someone is gone..

C- What do we do?!
A- We can't let that happen again.
K- How do we get her back?!

A speaker turns on, someone says:

"Hello youtubers.. Would you like to HEAR Gabbie..?"

Everyone- YES!

"Well, here she is..
G- *mumbles* Guys?!


G- H-Help..

"That's all the time she has! Tick tock. Pick one person to come save her.. Tick tock, the there's a time limit. Hehe!"

D- Who wants to go in...?
L- No! Please! No one go in-
C- I'll go in..
Z- Carly!
A- No please!
K- They might take you too!
S- Please Carly! Don't!
C- Guys.. I'll be okay.. If you hear screams, come. Okay?

Everyone- O-Okay..

C- I'll come back.. I promise..

Carly leaves, Liza starts crying..

D- Liza.. Don't cry..
L- I just can't believe we actually decided to come here!
K- Liza.. If you cry.. I-It'll make me cry.. 😔
S- Guys.. If we hear screams, we'll come for her, together.
Z- Scott is right. We'll go together!
A- Yeah..
L- O-Okay..

With Carly..

C- H-Hello? Gabbie? Can you hear me?

Carly continued to walk through the dark hallway.

G- C-Carly..?

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