chapt 7 : this is gonna be an experience

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~~~~~~~~~~~~(Y/N) pov~~~~~~~~~~~~
As I waved at them all I was able to identify what they looked like since I didn't really look earlier. There was obviously my fellow sister and Shiro, but the rest I didn't recognise.

There was a dark skinned boy with the ocean like eyes and brown hair. He was also really lanky. (no hate on lanky people, I'm 5ft 8 and only 14. I HATE BEING TALL -﹏-)
There was a chubby boy who had brown hair and a yellow bandanna around his head.
A funny looking old man with a moustache and was ginger. He also had blue arrows underneath his eyes.
A woman who looked like the leader of this place who had white hair and also had arrows underneath her eyes but where pink.
And lastly, a really pale boy who had a black mullet which is pretty retro if I say so myself. He also had purple-grey eyes which were cool I guess.

Pidge stopped laughing and gave me a hug. "Please don't scare me like that again. I don't what I would have done if you couldn't have been healed." She said with tear pooling in her eyes.

"Oh...OH! Sorry that I scared you."

"Well, you kinda scared everyone. Such a pretty girl injured and in need of me. The prince who saved the damsel in distress." The blue-eyed boy said with a wink.

"It was more like you where the Prince's only hope to help get the so-called 'damsel in distress' back to her prince. Honestly, you were dead weight." I bit back. (I felt so bad writing this -﹏-)

The boy with a mullet snorted

"I could have fought my way out of there. But you helped me know Pidge was safe so...thanks." I replied by mumbling the last part.

"Anyway, what have you been doing in space? Everyone has been looking for you guys. Well I mean I've been I've been in space for a while as well trying to look for everyone and got caught but wait- ITS BEEN 3 MONTHS, NEARLY FOUR AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO TEXT OR CALL ME! DO NOT EVEN SAY YOU COULDN'T BECAUSE DAD AND MATT were ABLE TO...until they-" I ranted but got cut off.

"Wait. What do you mean 3 months? We only got to space a week ago??" The one with the bandanna said.

"Mmm... Maybe when you go into space, time speeds up or it feels like that. So if they 'left a week ago' and I've been in space for a while-well I don't even know how long I've been in space but still. That could be why when someone leaves for space it takes them like 2 years to come back. Or maybe...." I started to ramble some random possible explanations. (I know this isn't true but VOLTRON IS MADE UP SO I CAN MAKE UP STUFF ;) I mean I'm making the fanfic up so like... Anyway!)

"Ok we get it (N/N)" Pidge said.

"Hey pidgey where's matt and dad??"


"We haven't found them yet but I'm sure we will soon ok?" Shiro butted in.

"Ooh more question though. Well, two."

"Shoot," Pidge said back.

"Ok one, where are we?"

"Oh right. We are in the castle of lions which it on planet Arus." The one with arrows under her eyes said.

"Ok and two who are the other 5 hear?" I asked Pidge with a puzzled face.

"The one with the moustache is Coran, the one with the crown is Allura, Bandana is Hunk, the one in the blue/white top is Lance and the with the mullet it, Keith," Pidge said with boredom.

"... Um hi I'm (Y/N)"

"We know already." The boy called Keith grumbled.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of space it" I mumbled.

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