The possibility of a dream

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What happened to that dream?
Dream of a lonely boy,
Fiddling around with his toys,
What came of it?
That dream,
Where his parents would tie,
Their hands together,
And carry him one last time,
What came of it, that dream?
Where did it vanish?
Did he even see it be?

I hope he did,
Cause a dream,is a man's soul,
Cause a dream,is a reflection of him.

I sure hope he did,
For I couldn't see his heart be broken,
His world come crashing,
Abusing, teasing, beating,
Bullying and finally, crying.
Those, let him not see,
But maybe he did,
A witness to this, I may not be.

I was far off,
To the clouds in heaven,
I was there most of the day,
And in the night I was sleeping.

If I had come down to see,
What had become of me,
I would have been heart broken,
Tears being stolen,
Eyes always swollen,
And the wound on my hands,
With the wound on my legs,
Ignoring the chest,
I stayed awoken .

The dream be alive,
Even though that time is now far,
Dream, stay alive,
I want to admire you from afar,
Look at the other kids and smile,
Like I did in the car.

This wall will keep you safe,
So it's better to observe from afar,
Don't let anyone close,
Shut them away, before they cause a scar.

Kid hear me, hear me you,
Too much pain is there in the world,
So you must stay where you are,
Loneliness is your friend,
A cold and silent one you say,
But isn't it better than, they?

No kid no,you are making a mistake,
Love is an illusion,
All you see is fake.
Don't give you heart in it,
That's already in its limits,
Just one push will kill your gimmick.

Alas, you didn't listen,
You should have been aware,
See what she did to you?
She left you in despair,
But where did it go wrong?
You were the best you know,
You did the best in that show,
The one who played the jester,
The one who played the fool,
The one who played the hero,
The one who were the cool.

But what did go wrong?
For you it's a mystery,
But I am the audience,
So let me explain you as I see,

Your life is a drama,
Without an audience,
Without a crew,
Without, a life.

A script so dark,
No one understands,
A character so deep,
Everyone only looks at the skies.

Your life is a mess,
There is no hope left,
But yet, you continue to act,
With a mime's mask,
You perform, all your tasks.

The wall is safe,
The wall is sound,
The wall is peace,
The wall is bound,
The world is death,
The world is dark,
It's safer, if you stay here,
Without a mark.

But, how would the world have been,
If you had not seen, the horrors of the past,
Of which your memory shall last,
But how would the world have been,
If, the dream,
Had not been deemed to die?
How would it have been,
If your fate had complied,
And given you that last chance,
To say goodbye,
To the life that you lived as an infant,
And shun the life you lived as a child.
To hug them both,
And see them smile,
How would it have been?
If love, had taught you,
How to be her child.

The Dead Revolutionary

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