Chapter 8 'Pool Room'

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Once we got into out pod I sat down and cross my legs. Harry laughed at me but joined me.

"Londons such a beautiful place." I smiled taking a few pictures.

"Yeah...." Harry trailed off

"Sing to me." I said


"Sing. To. Me"

He sighed but started singing Lego House by Ed Sheeran.

"Your amazing." I smiled once he had finished

"Thanks, right lets play twenty questions." he said sitting across from me.

"Okay, go." I answered

"Favourite colour?"

"Pink or red."

"Cool, favourite film?"

"Anything with Adam Sandler or dancing in it."

"Right favourite shop?"

"Jack Wills or Topshop."

He high fived my for that answer

"Favourite sport to play?"

"Speed running or volleyball.Is dancing a sport, yeah? Dancing deffo."

"Favourite sport to watch?"

"Football....or dancing"

"Favourite drinks non alcoholic?"

"Flavoured water or pepsi."

"Cool favourite alcoholic drink?"

"Long vodka."

"Mmm, okay, that'll do I'll ask you more later. Lets go." he said getting up as our pod stopped at the bottom

I smiled as we walked down streets filled with small boutiques.

I gasped looking in a shop window where there was a beautiful dress.

"That's beautiful." I gushed

"Lets go in and look at it." he said dragging me in the shop

It was a bluey green with buttons up the middle and three layers of ruffles at the bottom with a consistent pattern through it>>>>>

"Go try it on." he said shoving it in my hands and pushing me into a dressing room.

"So pushy." I mumbled and heard him laugh form the other side of the curtain

"Your so like me it's unreal!" he laughed as I pulled the dress on.

It was a perfect fit and I had to admit it suited me.

I stepped out of the changing room to have a pair of blue wedges thrust at me

"Put them on they'l go!" Harry shouted

I slipped them on then he uncovered his eyes.

"Wow, my cousins beautiful." he smiled

"Thanks Harry." I grinned, going back to change out of it . I put my clothes back on and took the dress up to the till.

"No way." Harry said as I went to hand over money, he flashed his credit card and the woman bagged my dress and shes then handed it to me.

I shook my head at Harry "Thanks you."

"No problem, anything for my little cousin." he smiled

"Where are we going now?" I asked

"Well it's seven so want to come to our hotel and I'll take you back later or go to yours?" he asked

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