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(Only had short time to do this with my twin)

Lemondrop: *trembling in fear* I have to with the risk of getting murdered?

Loxo: Hey, no worries! If K harms you I'll decapitate him! *giggles* even if Rose doesn't allow it!

Don't worry, Lemondrop. They won't be able to survive five minutes after they try anything to hurt you.

Dusk: If they hurt you... they will regret it.

Yes they will. No matter how, ahem, *does the quote on quote sign* 'badass' they say they are

Voodoo: It's funny because they don't know what everyone here is capable of

Bishop: They are sure in for a surprise

If they think about harming anyone here. Anyways, nothing bad is gonna happen to you. We'll be near to attack if he does something.

Lemondrop: Okay... thank you.

Voodoo: So... where is this....K?

T-Mass011: Right here! *drags K in* Have fun! It's not like it's a kiss anyways! :3

K: ....

Lemondrop: Um...uh *hesitantly walks up to K*

*sharpening their claws and leering at K*

Loxo: *reveals their pincers* Remember! I'll decapitate you if you try anything! *giggles*

Voodoo: *stares wide eyed at Loxo* I am now terrified of him...

Silence: *looks at Loxo* Cool

Dusk: Huh, never knew he could do that

Bishop: Shall we get to the dare now?

*stands up to get to K's height and pulls him down by the shoulder to make him kneel* There...Lemondrop, your move

Lemondrop: *gulps* I'm sorry! *hugs K*

Lemondrop: *gulps* I'm sorry! *hugs K*

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Silence: And the dare is completed.

Voodoo: *looks at Loxo* You your pincers away now

Lemondrop: *stops hugging K and backs away* I'm sorry.... *hiding their face with a book*

Loxo: Okay! See? It wasn't that bad! *retreats his pincers back down his throat*

Voodoo: Oh my g- *traumatized*

You see why he's a back up warrior?

Bishop: Yep...

That should give you a warning in not to piss him off. Anyways...

K: I'll get my revenge one day *leaves*

Dusk: I wouldn't even try if I were you

Loxo: Oh, if he does then I wonder what he's gonna dare Rose to do! Or any of us!

Voodoo: Don't give him ideas...

Whatever it will be, it won't be terrible. Well...that's it for today. Got any more dares or asks? Make sure to tell us down in the comments! As always, tally-ho until next time!

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