Chapter 79: Distracted

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- August 08, 2018

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For the third time, Xiaonian absentmindedly put another piece of vegetable on Gong Ouyang’s plate leaving the big meaty pieces inside the pot. 

Gong Ouyang’s eyebrows twitched in a mixture of confusion and frustration. His good food stayed in the pot and he was being fed only goat food. 

Who cared for these vegetables?

The maids standing behind started sweating bullets as they watched Xiaonian act as if her thoughts were a million miles away. Wasn’t she scared?

Their boss was a fire a breathing dragon when he is displeased, ah!

Gong Ouyang finished his vegetables and looked expectantly at the pot filled with meat pieces.

A maid noticed that Xiaonian’s eyes were still glued to her own plate and hurriedly moved to serve her master. 

Gong Ouyang looked at her with displeasure but let her serve. As soon as the food was his plate, his attention was once again focused on his food.

It was only after he was done that he noticed Xiaonian’s non-participation. Usually, she would reach for a dish and serve him as soon as he saw it, but today she did not move much and the maids did most of the serving. It really made his meal a little less appealing.

When he looked up at Xiaonian sitting before him, she was still dazedly picking her beans, one by one as if she wasn’t really looking at them.

Did the woman have a problem?

Last time she was silent for a long time, he thought she was rebelling, but it was only later he learnt that she was running a high fever. the whole house had to scramble finding a doctor and taking care of her.

She really was so unreliable.

He looked closely at her face to see if she looked like she was ill. But her skin looked as fair and as soft as always.

Not able to bear it any longer, Gong Ouyang directly called for her attention to only be responded with silence.


What? He wasn’t even worth her attention now?

Seeing his quickly worsening mood, a maid immediately stepped towards Xiaonian and gently prodded her.

Xiaonian came to her senses with a quick jerk and looked stupidly at the silent maid at her side.

“What are you doing being lost in thoughts? Can’t you hear me calling you?” Gong ouyang asked sourly.

“Ah? You called?” Xiaonian asked dumbly. When did he do that? She did not hear a thing.


“Do you have a fever again? Is that why you are zoning out?”

“Mm? What?”

Gong Ouyang made a sound of impatience, “Do you have a fever?” he asked again loudly.


Did he think she was suffering from fever because she was inattentive?

Xiaonian’s face broke out into an amused smile.

“What?” Gong Ouyang’s voice sounded irritated.

“Nothing,” Xiaonian said gently, “I was thinking that you are getting better at noticing things.”

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