Chapter 1

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Y/N's pov:


My alarm rang and I quickly got up to change into my uniform, not forgetting to shower and brush my teeth.

<At School>

I walked along the corridors to class when I accidentally bumped into someone.

I looked up and saw Park Woojin. The most popular boy in this school along with 10 other boys. And one more thing... He's my all time crush.

My heart skipped a beat as we made eye contact.


He cleared his throat, waking me up from my senses.

" A-Ah sorry. " I apologized and quickly ran to class.

When I reached the classroom, I quickly settled down at my sit which is at the back of the classroom.

Soon, Woojin entered the classroom and looked as if he was looking someone.

The moment he met eyes with me, he smiled a little.

I looked away, flustered at the situation.

He walked to his sit and acted as if nothing happened.

" Okay, class I have a great announcement! You guys will be changing seats! " The teacher shouted the moment she entered the classroom.

All the students groaned at the teacher's statement.

" Shut up! Just change your sits now! I'll let you change your own sits but make sure you're not sitting with the same person. " She said and all the students started moving around except for me.

I just rested my head on the table.

It's not like anyone would sit next to me...

At that moment, I felt the chair beside me being pulled.

I looked up and almost screamed.

It was Woojin!

" Hi. " He smiled as he sat down.

" Wh-Why are you sitting here? So many other people want to sit with you. " I said and looked around to find all the girls glaring at me.

" I just want to sit with you. " He hummed as he looked to the front.

Throughout the whole lesson, I couldn't help but feel butterflies in my stomach.

<After School>

I walked to my locker after the lesson ended but suddenly someone blocked me.

Kim Haesoo. Queenka of the school.

She pulled my hair harshly before speaking. " You better give me a good reason why you bumped into Woojin this morning. "

The students at the hallway didn't even spare me a glance and just walked away.

" I-It was an accident." I stuttered as tears flowed out of my eyes when she pulled my hair again.

" You b*tch!" She shouted and was about to slap me but a hand stopped her.

" Wo-Woojin oppa. Sh-She bumped into you on purpose just now! She's an attention seeker!" Haesoo stuttered at the sight of Woojin.

Woojin just ignored her and looked at me with a worried face.

" Follow me.." He said in a low voice and pulled me away from Haesoo.

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