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You took a look at yourself in the mirror, running your hands over your outfit for the last time before the bedroom door opened. When you turned your head, you saw that Michael - your husband - was studying your form with pure admiration.

At present moment, the two of you had been preparing for a speech that had been asked of the both of you - in a bid to bring awareness to a whole array of topics. However, the main topic of discussion that you and Michael were going to be focused on, was that of a disease called 'Vitiligo'.

Shockingly enough, you had also suffered from this disease despite its rarity. Therefore, you would have been able to relate to the topic on a much more personal level.

"You ready?" Michael grinned.


Two Years Earlier.

"(Y/N)," Michael smiled as he stepped aside to let you into the Neverland mansion. At the time, Michael and yourself were still dating. He had just called you to meet him at his house because he'd had something important to tell you.

And despite the fact that you hated suspense - you were very tolerant of Michael's smooth nature.

Nevertheless, you walked into the living room - with Michael close behind. When you turned around to face him, you knew something was wrong. His face was pale, and his hands were fidgety.

A frown formed on your face. "What's wrong?"

"(Y/N).....we'e been together for over a year now," he sighed. "And...we're pretty serious,"

You nodded, urging him to continue.

"So there's something I need to tell you before we move any further,"

"Okay, tell me,"

Michael paused for a long moment before shaking his head. "I've got Vitiligo," he bit his lip, searching your eyes for an answer.

You gasped. You had the exact same skin condition - but you had always managed to hide it with makeup.

When you said nothing, Michael lowered his head.

"See? I knew-"

"I have it too," you blurted out. Michael frowned before raising an eyebrow. "I have Vitiligo as well,"

Michael's eyes widened. "But...I haven't seen any signs on you,"

"I hide the inconsistencies with very heavy make up," you let out a breath.

The two of you stood there for, what seemed like, forever. For the first time, the two of you understood each other, and for the first time - the two of you could relate over so many things.

You broke into a small smile, walking up to Michael.

"So you're not going to leave me?" he questioned softly.


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