Jet Part 4

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"Sokka, Anaya, nice of you to join us." jet said with a smirk. He had turned back around to see who was spying, and was surprisingly happy when he saw us. Smellerbee and pipsqueak had us on our knees, each with a very sharp knife pointed at our throats.

"We heard your plan, jet. You're going to destroy the village!"
"We are going to save the village." Sokka started to fume. "There are families in there!" he cried. "You'll wipe them all out!" Jet turned towards us, wielding the same knife he accused the old man of hiding. "You can't win without making a few sacrifices. It's like Pai-Sho."

"You play with wooden pieces in Pai-Sho." I cried. "You are playing with peoples lives." Jet looked at me, pointing the knife closed to my face. "Clearly you don't understand the demands of war."

"I understand perfectly, its you that doesn't understand the value of someone life." he threw the knife on the floor in anger. The tip almost impaled my leg and I stumbled back.

"How could you lie to katara and Aang? They trusted you!" Sokka yelled, pointing a finger at Jet's face. "I didnt lie, Sokka. I said that we were going to rid the village of fire nation, and we are." jet motioned to the blasting jelly his freedom fighters were setting up at the base of the dam. "You said they would burn down the forest!" he shrugged. "They probably would, but we are going to stop them before they get the chance."

He turned to Smellerbee and pipsqueak. "I can't have them telling Aang and katara, take them on a walk. A long walk." they nodded and roughly picked us up and dragged us away.

"This is wrong!" Sokka cried as we walked deep into the forest. They had their knives pointed at our backs and had tied our hands together. "How could your guys sit back and watch Jet destroy the whole town?" I asked and they hesitated before answering. "Jet's a great leader. He comes up with plans and they always works." I scoffed and so did Sokka. "That's terrible leadership."

Sokka stopped walking and I turned. "What are you doing? Walk! Pipsqueak yelled and Sokka shook his head out of a trance. I looked at him with a confused expression and he motioned to the floor. Two traps like the ones Momo was stuck in were on the floor with a pile of nuts as bait.

I nodded, understanding what he wanted to do and he mouthed the numbers. "Three, two, one." on one, we both sprinted forward, remembering to jump over the traps. Smellerbee and pipsqueak chased us with their hands out, trying to grab us. They were to busy running to notice the traps, and they both stepped right into it.

"While you're up there," Sokka called as the pair dangled from their cages grumpily. "Why don't you work on your knot tying!" he held up his untied binds and chucked it to the floor. "Genius, Sokka." I said with a low whistle and turning so he could untie mine. "Oh, Sokka!" I said excitedly. "Guess what?" he shrugged. "They're... Knot very good at it, are they?" I gave a big cheesy smile and he started to laugh. "Good one, but enough jokes, we have to go save the town."

We ran to the edge of the cliff to see the dam. The jelly was already set up and ready to blow at any given moment. "There's too much." Sokka said, looking down. "We can't take it down in time." I looked around desperately, but I couldn't see a different option. "We have to try." I said, preparing to jump of the edge.

"It's too bad we don't have that whistle. Riding on bison seems a lot safer." Sokka looked anxiously down at the cliff's edge, visibly shaking. "Of course!" I said snapping my fingers. I turned out to face as much of the forest I could and held my hand close to my mouth. "I've trained Peper to come at my whistle, if she's close enough, she should hear it and fly to us."

Sokka nodded and watched as I put two fingers in my mouth and blew as hard as I could, using my airbending to help. A bunch of birds flew out of the trees and Sokka covered his ears, cringing. There was a sickening pause and I didn't think it worked until a loud roar came from below. Peper soared through the air and stopped at the edge of the cliff, allowing us to jump on and fly to the dam. I grabbed my staff that I tied against Peper's horn and placed it on my lap.

"wait." Sokka said as we drew nearer to the dam. "There's a quicker way. Head to the village." I tugged Peper's reins and steered her over. We landed right in the middle of the village and jumped off, well, Sokka slid down, his hands hurting from gripping onto Peper's fur.

"Everyone! You all need to evacuate! The dam is about to explode!" Sokka yelled, stepping onto a fountain near by. "Save your families! You have to evacuate!"

"Who are you!" someone yelled back, pointing to Sokka. A crowd started to form around us, wondering where all the screaming was coming from. "My name is Sokka, and I'm here to warn you that a group of people are about to blow up the dam. You all have to leave, quickly!"

"He's probably a fire nation spy!" someone else called back and an agreeing murmer spread through the crowd. "No, you have to listen to him!" I said, jumping up and pointing to the dam with my staff. "They're going to blow it up any minute, and water will start flooding the streets, wiping out everything!"

"They're both spies! Quick, grab them!" the crowd started edging towards us, their hands out, ready to take a hold of us. "They're telling the truth!" an old, weary voice called. An old man hobbled out into view, pointing at Sokka. "This young man was trying to save me from these hooligans! And these tattoos! And this beast! This young lady must be an air bender! She must be the avatar!"

I heard whispers of avatar spread through the crowd and after a painstaking moment, the crowd began to nod. "I'm not going to die!" someone yelled and ran off to find their family and leave. Soon, everyone followed and we were leading everyone as far as we could from the splash zone.

"We can take them to the cliff!" Sokka called to me as I flew Peper over with the elderly. I nodded. "Great idea, Sokka!" I called back and led everyone to the nearest cliff. I took as many people as I could at a time up the side and dropping them off at the top. "OK, Sokka and I are going to try and stop the people about to blow up the dam, I'll come back for you."

"thank you, avatar!" they all cried and I felt guilty for misleading them, but there wasn't any time. I dived back down to pick up Sokka and we flew around the forest to look for Jet.

We finally found him with Aang and Katara. "they didn't stop it in time." I heard katara say just as we swooped in rather heroically. "Sokka! Anaya!"

"We warned the village about your plan, Jet." Sokka said and Jet fumed. "You fool, we could of freed this village!"
"you can't free them if they're all dead." I said, jumping down from Peper and edging closer to him. "You're a traitor!" he spat. "You're both traitors! You might as well be working for the Fire nation." he pointed at Sokka and I with his metal hooks. "No, jet, you should work for them. You became the traitor when you stopped protecting innocent people." Boom. What a come back from Sokka, dam. "you... I... Katara tell him!" Jet stuttered, turning towards her. "Goodbye Jet." she said, walking past him and jumping to Peper. Aang followed her and I was about to do the same until I saw Aangs glider. It looked battered and broken. I pushed my hand out, throwing Jet into a near by tree. "You owe Aang a new glider." I called, before jumping onto Pepers head and grasping the reins. "Yip yip."

We went back to bring the villagers back to there water lodged home. I looked down at the soaked streets and damp houses with regret. We should of tried harder to stop it.

"It's OK, avatar." Someone said from behind me. It was the old man from before, and he was looking out to the village too. "These things can be replaced, but if it wasn't for you and your friend, alot of irreplaceable lives would of been lost." I nodded in agreement.

"Avatar?" Aang asked confused. "Yes," the old man replied. "Did you know, that this is the avatar?"
"Actually..." after explaining to the man who the avatar really was, and saying goodbye to the village, Aang whistled for appa and we set off back on our journey.

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