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Disclaimer: all the characters are not mine, my work is nonprofit and nothing in there is reality or related to BTS in real life.

All credits go to PinkBTS on AO3 (you can see the link to their acc in my wordpress)

The translation has been approved by the author.

Category: M/M.

Pairings: Jeon Jungkook/ Park Jimin.

Rating: Explicit

Status: finished.

Additional tags: Alternative Universe, Developing Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, Power Dynamic, Mating Cyles/ In heat.


"Loving you was like going to war,

I never came back the same."

-Warsan Shire

Hay: Có những thứ Jimin yêu vô cùng. Lại có thứ Jimin chẳng hề muốn nhìn đến. Trong thế giới đảo điên này, Jeon Jungkook lại là hiện thân của cả hai thứ ấy.

THE OMEGA REVOLUTION-KOOKMIN [TRANS]Nơi những câu chuyện sống. Hãy khám phá bây giờ