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Nico had never kissed anyone before. Sure, maybe a chaste peck on the streets of Italy with his mother or other family members, but never, NEVER, had Nico felt this kind of lust. Wills arms wound around Nico, making their way to his behind. hands slipped into Nico's pockets as his own slipped into Wills hair, tugging and pulling and knotting the golden curls. Wills lips trailed down to Nicos neck, and for a second Nico swore he himself moaned.

"shh, they can hear us," Will said, breath catching as Nico tugged a bit harder just behind Williams ear. "Actually, no," Will started again, "do NOT stop.."

Nico laughed and released Wills hair, prompting the blonde to whine momentarily, before Nico wrapped his arms around Wills shoulders. William, receiving Nico's message untucked his hands from the raven-haired boys pockets, and, laying his hands directly on the Son of Hades' ass, lifted Nico and pressed him against the wall of the closet. Nico giggled, an honest to gods giggle, and William broke out into a smile, capturing Nico's lips in a bruising kiss.

The thought: i could die now, i've lived life to the fullest.. crossed Nico's mind for a second, before Will rolled his hips. By the gods. Never mind, scratch that, Nico revised, NOW i can die.. a breathy moan left Nico's throat, and Will responded just as eagerly.

with Nico and William in their own worlds, neither heard the alarm of Leo's watch go off, and thus both were still moaning when piper unlatched and opened the closet door. The boys went on undisturbed, however, till Piper screeched and Will almost dropped Nico.

"Oh my GODS!! I knew it!! Pay the FUCK up Leo!" Over Wills shoulder Nico saw a disgruntled hispanic boy pass a couple drachma to the smirking girl, and in suit, buried his head into Wills stomach.

He was Never, NEVER, living this down....



A/N: sorry it's short you guys, it's just easier for me to write short but sweet chapters to keep the plot going ://///
- G

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