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You sighed as you sat with your three year old daughter, Pearl, on the large bed in her bedroom. She laid on your lap as you ran your fingers through her hair. A sad look was painted on your face, and the reason for that was the fact that Michael was extremely late home, yet again.

For the entire week, Michael had been coming home late from the studio. Now, you had tried your best to understand your husband's actions - after all, eight years of marriage had taught you to do so.

But what bothered you was that Michael seemed as if he hadn't had anytime for family lately.

And whenever you had tried to talk to him, it would always end with an argument. Lately, things between you and Michael had been pretty rough - and it was beginning to take its toll on you.

At present moment, you were comforting your daughter because Michael was supposed to pick her up from daycare at four in the afternoon. Unfortunately, Michael had forgotten to do so - and Pearl was left waiting until six.

When the daycare center had contacted you, you were furious. How could Michael have forgotten his own daughter?

After a moment, you heard the front doors open downstairs. You helped Pearl into bed, tucking her in before kissing her goodnight and walking out of her room. Once you had shut the door, you made your way down the staircase, and into the kitchen - where Michael was pouring himself a glass of water.

He set the jug down and picked up his cup, turning around. His eyes widened when he saw you.

"Late again," you raised your eyebrows, glancing at your watch.

Michael sighed and set his glass down. He studied you for a long moment before shrugging.

"You were supposed to pick Pearl up today," you frowned a little. "She was waiting till six,"

"Oh..." he trailed off. He brought his palm to rest against his forehead as he sighed. "(Y/N) I-"

"She's our daughter, Michael," you shook your head. "And she needed you, what's going on?"

"(Y/N), work has been-"

"What is that?" you interjected, walking up to him. Along his collar were red marks, and as you got closer - you realized that they were lipstick stains. Your eyes widened when saw that it wasn't your shade of red - it was a whole lot brighter. Michael began to look nervous as you examined his collar.

After a moment, you took a step back and shook your head.

"Are you serious? You're cheating on me?" you ran your fingers through your hair. Michael stayed silent, letting the quietness speak for itself. "Michael, we have a daughter! Is that why you forgot to pick Pearl up?" you scoffed a little. "Because you were out screwing some other woman?"

Again, Michael said nothing. You let out a breath and shook your head in disbelief. A moment passed before you slapped him hard across the face.

"I can't believe you!" you spat before making your way to the staircase. You were going to leave Neverland - and you were going to do it as soon as possible.

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