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Back again thank you guys soo much for the votes and comments and of course thank you sidra63 and sanataskeen.  Of course I said not only will one chapter be dedicated to you but this chapter as well to show that I appreciate u soo  much.

It has been one week  since the arrival of Afaf and let's just say I found my bestie.

"So go on....."I said curiously.

"I do like him zeera I honestly don't know......"she cut off and looked at me and I looked back with my eyes bubbling with curiosity.

"Gosh zeera your the devil"she said laughing

"What did I do I'm just listening to the live life of Afafy and moh" I said with mischief lurking in my eyes.

"But that's the thing I don't know if he feels the same I mean look at me"she said

"Yes I'm looking at you and I see a kind loving gentle caring generous I could go on but I think it will be a century before I am done listing you attribute and I mean don't you the way he's cheeks flush by just hearing the sound of your name I mean have you heard of a kings men who is a night that has faced bloody battlefields blush" I said pausing for a moment "you've got him wrapped around your little fingers just wait and see I see a proposal in the near by future" I said and received a did cracking hug.

"You know I love u zee"she said for someone as petit as her she could hug your soul out of you.

"" I said gasping for air,before she finally pulled away and looked up at me.

"So enough about me how about your love life something I don't know"she gave me a raising brow.

"Oh Lord Afaf and you call me the devil,love is a foreign emotion to me never felt it and don't know if I will ever feel it" i said

"Oh zee don't say that men have a big ego you see they try to hide there emotions but one day let it out of course you will feel love and believe me it will be extraordinary"she said using a positive tone.

"AFAF......ZEERA INALILLAH YOU TWO WILL BE THE DEATH OF Me" mami screamed from downstair.

I looked at Afaf with a knowingly look .

"We better go" I said and she replied with a nod.We raced downstairs.

"Oh my rabb you girls should get the food ready your ab......."she was cut off by an opening door.

"That won't be necessary naima habibti" abba said just coming into the house.

"But Mahmoud you must be hungry" she asked with concern.

"Recourse like a beast in the wild but the king has invited my self with my family to come to the royal ball l" he said smiling "and immediately he told me i went out to get these" I gasped as abba brought out a dress so beautiful and elegant and a mask which looked like they were crafted by the most delicate hands.

"This is for you zeera habibti " I looked at abba with my eyes yelling thank you and he opened up his hand to give me a hug so I'm sure he got my note and  I received him with open arms.

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