Trip to TonDC 2.0

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The wait for the two days before the trip to TonDC to pass were the longest and the shortest one for Clarke, who spent them away by counting down the seconds until she could be with Lexa again and also by working with Raven to jam Mount Weather's signal much like the mechanic had done the day they have found Lincoln in the other timeline and working with her mom in medical, helping her with other patients and overseeing Lincoln's recovery from the drug and from the withdrawal, making sure he stayed alive.

He was much better and there was no reason for him to be restrained anymore so he was free to walk around camp, always with Octavia by his side to make sure no one else tried anything with him because he was a grounder and sometimes even Bellamy would join them seeming to getting better acquainted with his little sister's older boyfriend and when she looked at the three of them, she just hoped she could avoid Lincoln's death and the drift between the siblings and that they could keep their small family dynamic intact.

With Raven, given her previous knowledge of the Mountain and the ways to work around them, she was able to get a line of communication with the Mountain again much faster than last time since she already knew the frequency. Of course, they had to pass of the accomplishment by giving the reason Raven being a mechanic genius who got quite lucky and oddly enough, it worked. They didn't question much how she was able to do it so quickly and so far away from the Mountain except her Dad but Raven said she had the story covered and she did because whatever lies she told Jake, he believed in them so their secret mission continued to be safe for the moment.

Clarke had been quite busy making plans in her head about what could be done differently and what would end up being the same as before moving forward from this point in time as well as taking care of everyone and slowly taking over the power and leader position from Jaha and the Council with the other citizens, even the eldest ones which would come in handy when she got Kane elected Chancellor. She didn't have time to have a talk with Finn yet, because of everything that was going on and everything she was doing but she promised that as soon as she had a chance to do it, she would sit him down and talk with him sincerely.

In the meantime, she was already prepared and excitedly greedy to go to the grounder camp and was outside waiting for the others to join them along with Murphy and Raven who were already by her side, as usual. The first two to show up where her parents and as she predicted, they both wanted to come with her. "Hey, sweetie. Where is everyone else?" Abby asked her as Clarke hugged then both. "They should be getting here any minute. Are you sure you guys want to come?" she asked them already knowing their answer. There was no way they would not come and let her go by herself.

"Of course, we are. You need us and we will be there for you." Abby said to her as Clarke expected. "Besides we want to meet this Commander and her people in a better environment than the 'I want to kill you' one." Her father said joking and she smiled. "I'm sure we are in for an adventure." She said to him and he smiled. "Do you think it will be safe?" Abby asked her and Clarke nodded. "The Commander guaranteed that as long as we don't draw first blood, that we won't have anything to worry about. She will protect us and keep us safe." Clarke said to them and they looked at each other before looking back at her.

"And we can trust her to keep her people in check if they come for us or try to do something against our people?" Jake asked her suspiciously and worried for the group's safety while going to their new allies' territory and she nodded at him. "We can. They respect her and will follow her orders or they will get severely punished for it besides we will need her army to fight against the Mountain Men. We need to put in the effort to make this work as well as them. We have to meet them halfway or it will all be for nothing." She said to them and they nodded.

"I don't know, sweetie. Seems like we are going in blind to this meeting, it could be a trap." Abby said and Clarke was about to answer when the others, Wells, Jaha, Kane, Finn, Bellamy, Octavia and Lincoln joined them just in time to hear what Abby said and the boys, save for Murphy agreed with her. "I think Abby is right. This is definitely a trap." Bellamy said to her and Finn nodded. "Who knows what will happen once we are in her village without a way of getting help. They could kill us, Clarke. And then come back here and slaughter our people." Finn said worried and she sighed.

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