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March 3rd, 1988.

You scribbled in your notebook, letting out a sigh as you ran your fingers through your hair. You had been hired as Michael Jackson's private assistant, and that meant that you did a lot of travelling with the King of Pop. Being on his crew was exciting, as much as if was tiring.

You had spent countless sleepless nights - just trying to organize Michael's documents in a professional manner.

It had only been a week into the job, and you had begun to notice that Michael would constantly stare at you.

You looked up, and saw Michael rehearsing on stage. He acted out as series of dance moves before his eyes landed on you. Instantly, you blushed and looked away. His eyes lingered on you momentarily as he biy his lip.

After a moment, Michael turned around and began to dance again.


April 4th, 1988.

You laughed as you sat with your boyfriend, Michael, on the large sofa. The two of you were at the Neverland mansion, and it had been three weeks since Michael had asked you out.

At first, you were wary - but eventually, he had won your heart over.

Michael ran his fingers up and down your arm, whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he did so.

The two of you stayed like that for a very long time before you turned to look at him with those beautiful eyes of yours.

"I love you," you whispered. His eyes studied yours before he smiled.

"I love you more,"


June 18th, 1988.

Michael and yourself had just finished having dinner with the rest of his family. He had taken you to his family home, where he had introduced to everyone.

They had accepted you with open arms, they made you feel loved. Now, the two of you were back at Neverland.

After you walked into the house, Michael did so before shutting the door behind him. Just as you were beginning to make your way to the staircase, Michael pulled you back - turning you around to face him.

You frowned as Michael looked into your eyes sincerely.

"You know that I love you, right," he whispered.

You nodded and smiled. "I love you too,"

"Listen...you're everything to me - and I know this is a little soon, but...I couldn't wait any longer," he got down on one knee - making your eyes widen. He pulled out a small, blue velvet box from his pocket - holding it out to you as he opened it.

Your eyes began to tear up, as he smiled.

"Will you marry me?"


October 30th, 1988.

You stood behind the closed doors of the large church. Your hands were cold, and you were incredibly nervous.

You were simply a vision in your wedding gown - and no one could deny that.

Taking in a deep breath, and holding your bouquet of flowers firmly - you turned around to take one last look behind you. You smiled a little, as the look signified your past - a past that you would leave behind in order to start a new life with Michael.

You then turned back around as the church doors opened.

You were ready for your piece of forever.

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