Chapter 29

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"What were you thinking?!!" I whispered to myself a little annoyed.
"What?" He said looking at me confused.
"What?" I asked him.
"Did you say something?" He asked me.
"Did you hear something?" I asked him back.
"I thought I did." He said somewhat confused and unsure.
"I was saying that it's not a good thing, I mean not having any reception. What if there is an emergency, how will you contact anyone." I asked him.
"You think, I haven't thought it through? I have the best security system installed and if anyone tries to break in then it will ring an alarm in the police station and the police will be here in two minutes." He said really proud of himself.
"What if there is a fire, what will you do when you can't call the fire..." I was saying when he interrupted me, "There are fire alarms installed in every room and every possible place where there can be any chances of fire. They will be here in just two minutes when the alarm goes off. And I don't smoke so there shouldn't be any false alarm."
I rubbed my temples, he has a prepared answer for every question.
"Ok. What if there is an emergency and you need to go to the hospital. A security or fire alarm can't help you then and there is no such thing as a hospital or sick alarm. What will you do then?" I asked him folding my arms ready for my victory.
"I have red buttons installed in every room, in every possible location and just one click will send an emergency alarm to the nearby hospital and..." He was saying, "they will be here in just two minutes." I completed it for him.
"Right." He said so proudly of himself.
"What will you do if you need to contact someone?" I asked him.
"I don't need to contact anyone." He replied.
"But what if you do?" I asked pressuring him for an answer.
"There is reception outside my property so I can just go outside the main gate and find reception on the road." He replied.
"And the gate must be far just like it is in your mansion." I said losing hope.
"It's just five minutes with car." He said.
"That's with car." I said trying to make my point.
"It's half an hour by foot." He said.
And I can't spare one hour out of my tight schedule. Even if I think of going when Zack is asleep, Jayden won't let me go and we can't leave Zack alone so I can't ask a ride to Jayden.
"It's really late. Let's go to our rooms." He said and started walking.
I followed behind.
"Isn't the place really clean despite no one living here." I said looking around after coming downstairs.
He stopped and looked at me.
"Who said that no one lives here?" He asked me.
"Does someone live here? In a place where there is no reception?" I said sarcastically.
"No one lives here but there is a caretaker who lives in the nearby town. He comes here once every week to clean this place, that's why it's always clean and sparkling here. And I told him this evening that I might come here with my family and told him that I have a son who is two so he has filled the kitchen with all the supplies even toys for Zack and there is everything that you might need too." He said.
"But, I am..." I was going to say but decided to keep quiet. I don't want to say anything that might make things awkward.
"Not family?" He completed it.
I looked down.
"If I said that I am coming here first time in years after getting married and I am bringing my son and his nanny, what do you think that will sound like? Won't anyone who hear it just assume things?" He said.
I nodded knowing that he is right. We don't have any relation and if we tell any outsider that we are living under one roof alone, anyone would misunderstand.
"You were really worried about the safety, right? But rest assured, there is nothing for you to worry about. I have taken care of everything and will take care if anything happens." He said.
I smiled feeling relieved.
If Charles heard Jayden say this, he would have started teasing me right away. I totally forgot the problem at hand! I need to contact Charles!!
I looked at Jayden and found him staring at me.
"What?" I asked him.
"You tell me." He said.
I gave him a confused look.
"You seem to be anxious about something since I met you on the terrace." He said like reading me.
"I am. Actually, I need to make an urgent phone call." I said.
His expression hardened a little.
"Your boyfriend?" He asked.
"Yeah. I didn't tell him that I was going to be away for four days." I replied.
"You can tell him after going back and if he doesn't listen then I will talk to him for you. Now, I am sleepy so I am going to bed." He said and hurried to his room leaving me standing there.
What just happened? His mood changed in a blink. What happened suddenly?
Maybe I made him irritated with all my questions.
I should go to bed too. I will think about Charles when I go back.
I walked to my room and looked at Jayden's door before entering inside.
What am I doing?
I shook my head and entered inside closing the door behind me.
I looked at Zack who was sleeping so peacefully.
I walked to his bed and put my hand on his head. He is going to be so surprised when he sees the beach.
I lay down beside him and closed my eyes smiling looking at his cute face.
I soon fell asleep.

Knock... Knock...
I heard knocking on my door.
"Who is it?" I groaned to myself.
I opened my eyes and saw Zack's sleeping face.
I blinked and sat straight. I am at the beach villa!
Knock... Knock...
I got out of the bed and went to open the door.
I saw Jayden standing there.
"What are you doing so early in the morning?" I said rubbing my eyes.
"It's not early. It's eight in the morning!" He said.
"Really!!" I said and went to look at the time on my phone.
5 a.m. It read.
I glared at Jayden.
"Ok. Ok. It's just Five but I couldn't sleep all night excited to see Zack's smiling face when he sees the beach." He said smiling.
I smiled looking at his excited face.
"Can I come in? Just to take Zack!" He said nervously.
"Yeah! I know! Come in!" I said and smiled nervously.
He walked inside and went to Zack's side.
He smiled looking at him and picked him up in his arms.
"The first thing he is going to see is the beach!" He whispered. I can see the excitement in his eyes.
He started walking to the outside and I followed behind him.
He walked on the sand and stood there looking at the sea.
"Zack..." He whispered.
I stood beside him.
"Zack! Sweety! Wake up!" I said patting his head.
"Mmmm..." He said opening his eyes and looked at me.
"Zack, look there." I said pointing towards the sea.
Zack followed my finger and looked in the front.
His eyes glittered.
He looked at me and Jayden and then at the ocean.
"Zack, this is a beach." Jayden said and Zack looked at Jayden.
"Beach." He repeated.
"Yes, and this is sand. We used sand to make a sandcastle, you remember." I said and Zack looked at me.
"Yes, Sand. Sandcastle." He repeated and looked at the sand.
"And that's sea." Jayden said.
"Sea." Zack said looking at the wide ocean.
"Huge ships sail in that sea, just like the small one that was sailing in your bathtub." I said to him.
Zack's eyes brightened with excitement.
"Ship?" He asked me when he couldn't see any ship in the sea.
Jayden and I looked at each other and then laughed.
"Zack, you can't find a ship on the beach. I will take you to ship some other day, ok?" Jayden said to Zack and Zack nodded smiling.
Jayden put Zack to his feet and Zack walked on the sand.
He smiled with every step.
"I want to make a little change to my answer." Jayden said suddenly.
"What?" I asked him confused.
"I want to give Zack everything. All the things that money can buy and also my time that can't be bought with money. I want to make him happy but also be there to see his smile." He said looking at Zack.
I looked at him.
"Life isn't that easy. And it never gives you options to have everything." I said.
"What do you mean?" He asked me.
"Ask your parents about that. They will be able to give you the most accurate answer." I said and walked towards Zack, leaving Jayden standing there.
"Zack!" I called him and he turned to look at me.
"Let's go and freshen up. We can play all day on the beach then." I said and he ran towards me.
I picked him up and kissed his cheeks.
"Did you like the beach?" I asked him.
"Zack loves beach!!" He said smiling brightly.
My cutie!! I kissed his cheeks again. Why is he so cute?!!
"We are going to freshen up. See you later." I said to Jayden as I passed him to go inside.
I turned my head to look at him and saw him still standing there deep in thought.
I think I pulled the right string. I smiled and continued walking.

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