♡True Love♡

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You let out a sigh as you looked at your reflection in your full length mirror. You turned around and observed the way your coat sat on you. After a moment, you nodded and shrugged - your outfit was acceptable.

Suddenly, your room door opened - and your roommate, Valerie, ran in. She grinned when she saw you, making her way over to sit at the edge of your bed.

In about an hour, you were going to be visiting your boyfriend of five years - Michael Jackson. You were about to make your way to Neverland - and despite the fact that you had been dating the man for half a decade, you always felt nervous before going to meet him.

His effect on you was always overwhelming.

"Are you excited?" Valerie smirked. "To be meeting him for the first time?" she remarked sarcastically.

You scoffed and folded your arms, turning around to face her. "Just because I have butterflies every time I'm about to meet Michael, doesn't mean you cam tease me about it," you raised an eyebrow.

Valerie just smiled and battered her eyelids innocently. You sighed and shook your head, grabbing your purse.

"I'm going now," you inhaled deeply. "Take care, and don't die,'


Once you had arrived at Neverland, you got out of the car and shut the door. Michael had sent a car to pick you up, mainly for confidentiality purposes. You didn't own a car, and if you had stopped a passing cab - the driver would have gone babbling.

Bill met you at the front doors, smiling when he saw you approach.

"Good afternoon, Miss (Y/LN)," he nodded, gesturing for you to go inside. "Mr. Jackson's just sitting on the sofa, reading a book," he chuckled.

You thanked Bill before walking into the mansion. Upon arriving at the living room, you saw Michael just as Bill had described him.

Since his back was facing you, you decided to sneak up behind him and give him a surprise.

"Hi!" you laughed into his ear, making him jump forward. He straightened up, and when he saw you - his eyes widened before he ran out of the room.

You frowned as he dashed up the stairs to his bedroom. You followed in quick pursuit, only to be shut out when you reached the bathroom.

"Michael?" you knocked against the bathroom door. "Is everything okay? What happened?"

"I wasn't ready, I thought you'd be here in the next hour," he spoke from the other side.

"Yeah, well the roads were empty today. Now tell me what's going on! Why did you run off like that?"

You heard Michael sigh. "If I tell you, you'll leave me. You won't want to be with me anymore,"

You laughed at his comment, he was absurd. Nothing on the face of the earth could stop you from wanting to be with Michael.

"Funny story, now tell me what's going on," you responded.

After a long pause, you heard Michael unlock the bathroom door before opening it. As the door moved, you caught a glimpse of his face.

Half of his face was a darker shade of brown, and the other was a little paler. He had uneven pigmentation all over his hands. His expression was solemn as he looked at you.

"I have Vitiligo," he shook his head.

You let out a sigh and walked up to him, bringing one of your hands up to caress his face. He kept his eyes on you as you smiled a little.

"Michael, that is such a trivial matter. Vitiligo doesn't change who you are. In fact, it makes you more beautiful in my opinion," you looked into his eyes. "I love you, and nothing is ever going to change that. You're beautiful on the inside, and on the outside as well. Nothing can change that,"

Michael managed to break into a small grin as he brought his arms around your waist. The two of you shared a chaste kiss before he pulled away - whispering against your lips.

"I love you so much, (Y/N) - you're my everything. Without you, I'm nothing,"

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