♡Best Intentions♡

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You smiled as you brushed your daughter's hair, looking at your reflections in her dressing mirror. Adeline was eight years old, and she was the product of your wonderful marriage to Michael Jackson. Adeline was a beautiful girl, and anyone who laid eyes on her, knew right away that she was Michael's daughter. She had long black hair, and her skin was a stunning shade of brown.

With the mixture of your genes, she had light grey eyes - and she captured the attention of anyone, and everyone whenever she walked by.

At present moment, you were brushing her hair. It was evening, and you were preparing her for sleep - hence, the soothing gesture of brushing her hair. She smiled at you as you observed your gorgeous little girl.

"Mom, is dad going to be at the studio tomorrow?" she asked.

"Yes, darling," you smiled. "He'll be going to the studio for the rest of the week," you inhaled deeply. "Why do you ask?"

Adeline fluttered her eyelids before grinning. She turned around and looked at you with her big, grey eyes.

"I want to sing with daddy," she bit her lip shyly.

"You do?" you frowned a little. You had never heard your daughter sing before. "Okay honey, we'll talk to your father tomorrow morning," you nodded.

"Mommy...can I sing for you?" she raised an eyebrow hopefully. "I know that it's time for bed but...I really do love to sing. And I've been nervous all this while....but I want you to hear me sing mommy," she smiled widely.

This girl is exactly like Michael, Lord - thank you for such gifts.

"Okay," you nodded again. "If it makes you happy, go ahead,"

Adeline stood up and walked a little further so that she could stand before you. She held her hands together in front of her before beginning.

Your eyes widened when you heard her begin to sing a slower rendition of 'Emotions' by Mariah Carey. Her voice was simply stunning.

It was clear and wispy, yet strong and grounded. She sang the chorus effortlessly, and practically glided through the verses before hitting the whistle note.

Your eyes began to tear up. She was amazing, she had unbelievable talent. Suddenly, Michael walked into the room - only to stop when he heard Adeline's voice.

At that point, Adeline's eyes were closed as she became immersed in the song. Michael looked at you with wide eyes.

Finally, Adeline stopped and opened her eyes. When she saw Michael, she smiled widely.

"Hi daddy," she grinned.

"Honey...were you just singing?" Michael looked at her with astonished eyes. You laughed a little as he shook his head in disbelief. "How the hell did I not know my daughter could sing like that?" he laughed. He was so proud of her, you could tell.

"She wants to come and sing with you tomorrow," you smiled.

"Yes! Daddy, we could sing together - and then you can take me on tour with you!" she giggled. "And mommy can come too!"

"You want to be like daddy?" you grinned, standing up.

Adeline nodded, and you turned to look at Michael. However, his expression had changed. He looked so serious.

"Michael," you spoke, but he only kept his eyes on the ground.

"Daddy, are you okay?" Adeline frowned.

Michael said nothing.

"Honey, get to bed, okay?" you looked at your daughter. "We'll talk in the morning,"

She nodded as you pulled Michael out of the room, shutting the door behind you. Slowly, Michael brought his eyes to meet yours.

"She's not going to have a career in the music industry. I won't allow it," he whispered.

You widened your eyes. "I never said that she would have a career in the music industry," you shook your head. "Besides, it's up to her,"

"Are you kidding?" he raised an eyebrow. "I'm not going to let my only daughter become a public target like me, I'd kill myself before it happened!"

"Michael, she wants to sing. She loves singing, you should've seen how much she wanted to sing for me," you sighed before resting your hands on Michael's shoulders. "Baby, you've got to allow her to figure out what she wants to do. We'll do our best to ensure that she's alright,"

Michael studied you intensely for a moment before sighing and wrapping his hands around your waist - pulling you close. You laughed a bit, setting your hands on his chest.

"You make everything sound so easy, Mrs. Jackson," he winked. "I'm so lucky to be married to you,"

You broke into a wide smile before kissing your husband.

"I'm the lucky one,"

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