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Human Name -  Ella Jones 

Place of Representation - Republic of Theodia [(θɛi.'ɜɵ.di.ə)] 

Age(appearence-wise) - 13-14 Years

Gender - Female

Appearence - She has long brown hair that falls to her hip and is quite bouncy and full of volume. She has a cowlick that sprouts (I'm not sure I'm using the right vocabulary but whatever.) from the top of her bangs and sloops downwards on the left side of her head. Her eyes are an olive-green colour with a slight trace of blue derived from her slight Hispanic herritage. However, her skin remains an ivory colour and does not tan. A bright smile is usually on the girls face, paired with a slight blush.

Attire - She has a necklace with a copper small bell on it around her neck. She wheres a salmon v-neck shirt with a bow on it underneath that, she wears a tight violet-black undershirt. She wears white shorts that have brown loops attached to them matched with black converse. 

Personality - She is not a very judgemental person, and supports anything you have. She strongly believes that it is perfectly alright to be bisexual, pansexual, gay, lesbian, or any variant of sexuality (it is legal there). Due to her atheism, she doesn't really care about religion but will listen when you decide to bring the subject up. She loves warm weather, and absolutely hates the cold. She prefers to be considered 'se' instead of a gender in particular. She is very loving, loyal, determined, and faithful. When she puts her mind to something, there is almost nothing that can stand in the way of her goals. Her determination is so great, that she finds herself neglecting even her most basic needs. (Personality inspired by the April 22nd Zodiac, Tarus. Also, Theodian people.)

Passions - She practically worships pinneapples, and has a flair with the arts. She loves to write short stories and work on murals in group projects. Her form of art is developing slowly, but gradually and she is rather proud of her work. In her free time she will sometimes play video games, a love she has inherited from Alfred. She loves music and her friends will always hold special places in her heart.

Others - She speaks English fluently, and some of Theodian. However, her language is still developing itself and therefore she usually responds in English. She has a love-hate relationship with Alfred after declaring her independence and gets along rather well with the other micronations. 

[~ Additional Information Gathered ~]

The Republic of Theodia (local pronunciation: [θɛi.'ɜɵ.ɾi.ɜ]), commonly called Theodia, is a federal, repositocratic, technocratic republic. It is a micronation consisting of two realms, one of which governs Theodia's lands on Earth (Terria), and the other of which governs Theodia's lands in Minecraft (Mentia). Theodia's Terrian claims are located in North America and the Indian Ocean. Its capital, Lemuria, is located in Mentia. 

The Republic of Theodia is classed as a sixth-world nation under the Boodlesmyth-Tallini System. On the Dresner Scale, Theodia scores a 2.8; on the revised Linden Scale, it scores a 3.8. Theodia's EPI (Economic Potential Index) score is a 1.3, and its democracy rating on the Matthew Scale is 4.9. 

Theodia was founded on 2010's April 22nd, and declared its independence from the United States of America on 2010's October 22nd. Its small population has a unique culture and language, and comprise one of the few societies that don't have gender-roles. 

( I now realize she's more detailed then my other OC's. MICRONATIONS FOR THE WIN! )

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