078| Home Town

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Took away the wind,
My airy home town,
The fairy lights of carnivals,
And the alleys dark brown,

Sunk under the sandy deserts,
My neighbours and playgrounds,
The swings of my school,
And the trees sprawled around,

Impalpable the dew and sun rays,
I used to catch in my arms,
Now all I fit in my fist,
Are the metallic golden charms,

Food carts and gay shops,
All faded into the swarms,
Of cars and towers,
Shivering the streets with alarm,

I can't peel off the layers,
Covering the sky and the lakes,
Every breath is toxic to me,
This town has reached it's fate,

Still I wish like a little girl,
That the letters on the lemon trees I hung,
Will be read by the clouds,
And the cries will not be unsung,

I hope the rays will burn,
The darkness behind electric doors,
Or I hope the rain will drown,
This town I don't know anymore.

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