Chapter 6

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"Guys I think Camila wet herself" Ally said

"What do you think we should do guys" asked Ally

"I know how about we drive to the mall and pick up a new pair of pants and also some diapers for Camilla, then we change while she's sleeping to avoid embarrassment" suggested Lauren

After some talking they decided to go to the mall and buy Camila pants and diapers. They just got her some footie pyjamas and a small pack of pull-ups then they returned to the house and changed her while she's sleeping but while Camila was getting changed Lauren discovered something.

Lauren knew about Camila's sexually abusive family but she had no idea how bad it would have gotten. There were red marks and cuts all over her lower body and she looked as if she was beaten up daily.

Once Lauren had changed Camila she put her to bed but just as she was about to leave she heard her name

"Awwy" Said Camila Said in a tired tone slurring her words

"Yes baby" replied Lauren

"..... stay please" Said Camila on the verge of tears

In just a minute Lauren was laying right next to Camila with there arms wrapped around one another. About an hour through there sleep Lauren heard what sounded like water running but was actually Camila using her diaper. Then felt the warmth of the diaper against her leg. Lauren wanted to change her but she was so tired and comfy she just let her be.

In the morning Lauren remembered that she needs to talk about the accident today and immediately tried to get back to sleep. Today was gonna be a long one

Super sorry I haven't done more in the last couple days. Iv been very sick. Promise to have more chapters soon

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