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"You will not believe the fucking dickhead I had to serve today!" Louis shouts the second he enters his apartment, slamming the door behind him and then shaking off his jacket.

It's late at night when he does this, having just got off of his shift, he'd practically stomped all the way to his small apartment.

"Liam!" Louis shouts at the top of his lungs and Liam, who is sitting on the couch that was about five feet away from the door looks up at him.

"I'm sure the neighbors love us." He comments and Louis looks like he's going to yell again so Liam calmly says, "Yes, my love, what happened?"

"You know that guy, that fucking guy, sings that times song or whatever, that guy." Louis says, kicking off his shoes, gesticulating wildly as he explains and Liam mumbles "...not personally."

Louis ignores him and throws himself onto the couch beside Liam, he lifts his arms right on time as Louis turns and lays back, his head landing in Liam's lap. He was used to this, had listened to Louis rant countless times before because that's what best friends were for.

"Okay well that fucking guy was so, he was-is so-so- he was just so fucking- argh!" Louis says, frustration clear in his voice and on his face and Liam lays a hand on Louis' head, running his fingers through his hair. "Came into the club with his stupid rich person face and his rich people friends."

"I wanted to throw a drink in his stupid handsome face." Louis grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest, he sighs and looks up at Liam, who is listening intently while playing with Louis' hair because he knows that calms him down.

"He was such a-a classic I'm rich and people want me and I'm famous, blegh, fuck off." Louis says under his breath, mocking Harry's accent as he does this.

"And the best part, the best part Liam! He had the audacity to ask for special treatment, that he get all of his drinks for free. Why does he even need that if he's so fucking rich hm? Fucker made no sense." Louis says and the he let's out a drawn out sigh and then turns and presses his face into Liam's stomach.

"Making us Englishman look like pricks." Louis mumbles, his voice muffled by the fabric of Liam's shirt.

It was nights like this that made Louis want to quit, but he couldn't, he was trying to become a drama teacher and had come all the way to the states to do it, had even convinced Liam to come with him.

Although there wasn't much convincing that had to be done, Liam had always wanted to move and now he just had someone to do it with. They had their apartment together, had their jobs, split the rent and just tried to get themselves through college together.

"Don't let that guy get under your skin, look the nights over, you're home with your favorite person in the whole world and you don't have to see him ever again, just let it go." Liam says and Louis sighs and leans back to look up at Liam.

"You're right, you're right, but we're never listening to that stupid times song again." Louis says and Liam nods a little and then says, "It is a good song though."

"Okay we'll listen to it, but bitterly." Louis says and Liam laughs at that compromise.


So Louis goes to work the next day, hopeful, he hopes he'll have better customers and he'll get good tips and maybe he will even meet his soulmate, that last one is a stretch though because Louis is sure he's going to end up marrying Liam some day.

"Hey Zayn." Louis says with a smile as he enters the club, it was around 6pm and they hadn't opened yet.

Louis was dressed in his dark slacks and his black button up and Zayn hands him the small apron that goes over his waist as he says "You doing alright, Lou?"

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