Chapter 5 'You look beautiful'

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I ran into the toilet and walked out calmly looking for somewhere to get a drink, it was so warm.

"I'm sweating like a pedophile in a nursery!" I heard someone joke and turned round to see Zayn trying to fan him self with a bit of paper.

"Bit warm there?" I asked

He went wide-eyed "Did you hear what I just said there?"

I nodded "Don't tell anyone please!" he begged

"Promise I wont, do you want a bottle of water? You look as if your about to pass out." I offered

He nodded "Please, I'll pay you back when I get back to my seat, I left my wallet with Harry."

"It's no problem." I shrugged handing him a bottle and getting one for myself handing over the money and walking back into the theatre with him.

"So whats your name?" he asked me holding the door open

"Thanks, I'm Lily." I smiled

"Ohh, your Lily." he grinned

"Yeah" I answered

"Well you are as beautiful as the boys said." he smiled

"Awh thank you so much. You look great yourself." I grinned

"Thanks, your sitting in front of us right?" he asked

"Yeah." I answered

"I'll give your money then." he smiled

"Seriously it's fine." I tried to convince him when me teacher spotted me and started glaring at me

"I need to go and get killed. Might see you later." I groaned walking towards her

I heard Zayn shout after me but I knew if I didn't apologise to her the now she would most likely kill me

"I'm so sorry Miss, I had to go to the toilet.." I started

"It's fine, don't do it again." she smiled

"What really, no shouting at me?" I asked without thinking, I slapped my hands over my mouth

She raised her eyebrows at me "Your lucky I'm in a good mood, back to your seat Lily."

I nodded and scurried to my seat quickly.

"How was she?" Josh asked

"Suprisingly calm...I think this is the time ot tell her it was you bottle that leaked all over her suitcase." I laughed

"Shhh! That stays between us!" he shouted

I laughed and turned in my seat to find Alex grinning at me.

"Now you've met Zayn, who's your favourite?" she whispered

I shrugged, she shook her head at me.

"Pssst. Psssst! PSSSST!" someone behind me said

"Jesus Christ go to the toilet." I joked turning round to see Harry grinning

"I forgive you." he said

"Forgive me? For what?" I asked

"For me having to come here, but it's okay they're serving drinks." he winked

I rolled my eyes at him, then my eyes landed on Niall who was stuffing his face.

"I take it they're serving food to?" I asked laughing

Niall nodded eagerly and went back to eating

"Lily, do you know you look a bit like Harry?" Liam asked

"Would you believe me if I told you my hair was naturally curly too?" I asked

" could be twins. Except the fact Harry's a year older than you....." Liam trailed off and looked embarrassed.

Me and Harry laughed

"You do kind of look like me." he agreed

I shrugged "Suppose."

"Here take a picture with me, we'll put it on twitter and ask the fans?"  Harry suggested

"Sure." I smiled leaning over and putting my face next to his, we both grinned showing our straight white teeth as Harry snapped the photo and uploaded it onto twitter.

"Whats your twitter love?" he asked

"@LilySelley." I replied Harry's eyes went wide.

"Seriously?" he asked

"Yeah...why?" I asked my brow furrowing in confusion

"All of my cousins second names are Selley. Lily I think we might be cousins. Who do you live with?" he asked

"My auntie from my Mums side, my Mum and Dad are always working." I replied

"Whats your Dad's name?" he asked

"Michael Selley." I answered

"Oh my God, he's my Uncle. Lily your my cousin!" he shouted

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