Ben stared big eyes at me, "I wasn't done!"

"Yeah but that was just so unboy like." It was my turn to laugh because that was the fattest lie ever.

"Yeah because boys totally don't call girls hot." I explain, "anyways, then Mitch jumped in,"

"Wait who's Mitch?" Ben once again cuts in but is being all tense again and hesitant for some reason.

"He's the team managers son. He's one of the players?" I tell him again but he looks uncomfortable in the topic. "You okay?"

He looks up at me and stays quiet, "yeah, yeah I'm good. What about Mitch?" He changes the subject.

"He stopped the boys telling them how gross it is to hit on me when-"

"When your the coach." Ben once again, annoyingly butts in.

"No," I look at him frustrated, "because I'm the same age as his brother." I finally get to finish.

Ben gets up and leans on the washer trying to act natural but seems uncomfortable in the conversation.

"What's your team like?" I ask getting up and then trying to jump on the washer to sit on it but fail.

He grins and walks over to me placing his hands on my hips. "Your too short. Let me help you." He gently lifts me onto it. Me still stunned about his hands on my hips.

He leaves his hands there for a moment staring at them, then backs up, "my team is going to beat yours. That's what's important right?"

"I'm positive mine will beat yours," I say, "don't be so sure of yourself. Our first practice is tomorrow, I mean today I guess? Since it's already one." I try to explain.

"I meet my team tomorrow. You get to start earlier not fair." He exasperates.

"Starting early or not-my team will still dominate." The washer/drier beeps signaling it's done and I grab my laundry basket hoping off the machine again.

"How can your team even like you? You're so mean," Ben says grabbing his basket and sitting back on the floor.

I sit down like him and we both open the doors to the washers, "how can you're team even like you? Your the arrogant and annoying one."

I start to fold my clothes and then I look up at him again, "at least I'm a guy doing a guys job. And not hiding secrets." I gasp and grab the first piece of clothing in my basket I can get my hands on and chuck it at him.

Me not knowing it was one of my thongs.

He grabs it then dangles it on his finger, "oh, so this is what you were hiding in your drawer of goodies." Ben winks.

I crawl over and try to get it back from him but he pulls away, "goodies?" I ask madly.

"What? I'm a guy. And I do what guys do." I continue to reach for them and he lays on the ground, with me still leaning over him, "and this position?"


"You called me Ben again Rachel."

I rip it out of his grip and crawl back over to my basket putting it in. "Shoot." I mumble. I rip my shirt off revealing my blue sports bra and quickly throw it in the wash.

Ben coughs and I look over at him staring at me with his mouth gaping open. "Ben. You'll catch flies." I reach over placing two fingers under his chin and close them.

"Rach. You're wearing only a bra." He states looking me up and down.

"Ben. You're a soccer player. You know girls walk around in sports bras all the time." I say, "but if it makes you happy, I'll put a shirt on." I grab a T-shirt out of his basket and throw it on over my head.

"Rach. That's my shirt." He says flabbergasted.

"Benjamin. You wanted me to put a shirt on, I didn't, so I used yours." I get up and pull my work pants off. His shirt is big on me so it covers everything.

"Oh my god Rachel." Ben smacks his hand over his eyes but peeks through.

I do a spin in the shirt and look at him, "how do I look?" I laugh.

He looks me up and down then grabs his laundry basket placing it on his lap, "put some pants on Rach." He breaths out shakily.

"What fun is there in that?" I ask giggling then go back to folding clothes and sitting on the ground.

But Ben is still stiff as a stone, "why are you holding your basket like that Benjamin?" I ask.

"Don't test me Rachel," he says narrowing his eyes at me.

"If your saying girls can't be coaches for a guys team, I'll show you what kind of torture a girl can do to an arrogant boy like you." I smirk at him.

"I didn't mean it. I know you know that." He says keeping his eyes on mine.

"You don't know everything Benjamin." I say shrugging.

"I'm a coach. To save time, let's just assume I know everything." We both laugh until he clears his throat again, "so when am I getting my shirt back again?"

"I like it, I think I'll keep it." I say hearing the washer my stuff is in beep again. I quickly take my work clothes out and fold it with the others. I turn around finding Ben with one of my push up bras on his head.

"Why is my bra on your head Ben?" I ask approaching him crawling and reaching for it like I did with the thong situation. He no longer has the laundry basket covering up the bulge in his pants that I left him with.

"I like it, I think I'll keep it." He mocks and it falls covering his eyes. I slowly lift it up meeting his eyes.

"Trade?" I ask seriously.

I lean back with him staring at me shocked, "you're not serious." He says.

"I'm dead serious." He throws it in his basket.

"Your being weird tonight Rach. But deal." One side of his mouth curves into a smile.

"I'm ready to hit the hay. You about ready?" I ask Ben.

"You go on ahead." He scans the room and his eyes land on his phone, "I have some things to do."

With that, I leave behind my bra with his shirt instead.


I have to get this out./ so I read a book and i tell all my friends how stupid the main character is and they look at me like a crazy person. That isn't nessesary. She DOESNT REALIZE A GUY LIKES HER. Gosh.

I think my ramble sesh is over, hope you understand.

How old are all of you?


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