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He points the opposite way of my room, "this way," he says ignoring my question. I follow him down the hall anyways until he stops in front of his room door and unlocks it. When he opens it we walk right into his living room. It's really nice in here.

"Are you a clean freak of some sort Benjamin?" I laugh.

He comes out of a room down the short hallway with a laundry basket in hand which I'm guessing is his bedroom, he shrugs, "that's what people say." I smile at him but he just looks away. "You going to show me your place now?"

I nod and walk to the door with him following like a dog. Then again, that's probably how he felt when I was following him. "It's down the hall." I say and make my way to my room door, opening it and letting us both in.

He looks around but he doesn't say anything except walk over to the living room couch and get comfortable.

"I'm going to get my stuff, you can put your basket by the door." He gets back up and drops his basket dramatically in the place I pointed to.

I smile and enter my bedroom but as I'm grabbing my dirty clothes from the floor I hear one of my bedside alarm clocks go off.

"Shit." Ben whispers hitting the thing.

"Why are in my bedroom Ben?" He grins.

"You called me Ben again." Is all he says and starts to open the top drawer. I quickly slam it shut before he sees the fancy underwear and bras I own. "What are you hiding Rach?" He whispers into my ear.

Can't say that wasn't a turn on.

"Grab your basket, it's almost one AM and I still need to get my laundry done." I say rolling my eyes but keep one hand on the drawer.

He keeps his eyes locked on the drawer but slowly draws them to my face and studies me, "okay." He whispers. Why is he being so weird?

I finish grabbing my scattered clothes then push him out of my bedroom with me. "Tell me what's in that drawer yet?" He mumbles while heading out before me.

I lock my apartment door and turn to him, "in your dreams Benjamin."

He mumbles something again, but it's something I didn't catch. The ride in the elevator was silent but we met eyes a few times again. I wouldn't let them linger to long. He's annoying as it is, I can't have him asking more questions. We walk into the lobby and turn to the laundry room made for all the residents living in the building. As I'm shoving my stuff in the washer he clears his throat.

"Did you meet your team Rach?" I close the washer door while sitting on the floor. "Did you?" I turn and look at him with his hands on his hips.

I lean my head against the washer as it shakes from all of the water getting sprayed inside of it and smile to myself, "I did." I look at the floor thinking back to the teenage boys all challenging me repeatedly and laugh.

"Did you like them?" He sits down on the floor across from me on the machine he's using.

"Yes." He shows no emotion whatsoever.

"What were they like?" He asks, "I want to know."

"Well the boy I'm planning on making team captain also is the son of the team manager who live in a huge mansion like house, I can tell they are extremely wealthy." I tell him. This makes Ben tense up and cringe.

"What's wrong?" I ask he looks at me socked then settles.

"Nothing just- never mind," he cuts himself off.

"Okay? Um," I continue, "the boys were really funny we ended up going into the basement and playing video games. Not to brag but I kicked ass." I flip my hair over my shoulder making Ben laugh and look away, "at one point one of the boys mentioned me being hot and the others agreed."

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