Chapter 11 - Panic

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Derrick started out of the detention classroom half an hour after school had finished, with Francesco far behind him. Derrick stared glumly at the ground as they made their way down the hall. He heard two sets of heels on the floor ahead of them. Recognising the sound of that walk, he looked up. Rose and her sister were making their way towards them, and Derrick's heart suddenly swelled, his breathing becoming unsteady. Rose looked at him and he almost grinned, feeling slightly better than he had seconds ago. He remembered the way she had gazed at him earlier that day, the intense moment they had shared from a field away. The girls stopped in front of them.

"What are you still doing here?" Derrick asked Rose softly, his voice husky. He struggled to keep his breathing steady; being this close was unbearable.

Rose stared at him for only a couple seconds before replying, "We were helping the teacher clean up. No one else offered, so we thought it would only be right to assist with her duties."

Derrick huffed a grin, loving the way she spoke, and Rose couldn't help but grin back. His smile was magical, and she melted in it, feeling her heart flare with arousal.

"Um." She swallowed and then asked, with difficulty given his closeness. "What are you ... you ... still doing here?" Rose gazed at Derrick in satisfaction. He was magnificent everywhere she looked. Rose hadn't allowed herself to look for long before, but today, for some reason, she couldn't help herself. She eyed the largeness of him as he stood staring seductively at her with his deep, liquid blue eyes; his shoulders were broad and wide, his sturdy pectorals protruding under his tight, grey shirt, the outline of his abbs rippling, and Rose really wanted to touch him. She wanted to brush her hands over the powerful muscles running down his perfectly shaped arms. She barely heard him when he answered her question after clearing his throat.

"We had, uh ... detention." Derrick followed her hungry eyes and almost laughed, almost thanking god for his good looks and strength. He knew she liked what she saw, and that made him desire her even more than he thought possible.

"Mm, really," Rose replied without thinking. She couldn't stop gawking at him. She had never wanted a man as much as she wanted him, and it was starting to scare her. She cleared her throat with embarrassment and looked up at Derrick's cheeky grin. She knew she had somehow made him feel better, and she liked that.

Rose blushed, turning to her sister. Her smile faded when she saw the look in Rosa's eyes. Rosa looked really hungry, and so did Francesco as the two of them gazed at each other. Rose was suddenly very confused. She was about to speak but Francesco beat her to it, a tone of desperation in his voice.


"Yes, Francesco," Rosa replied, grinning mischievously.

Derrick watched them closely; he could see there was something sexual going on between them. Why hasn't Francesco told me anything? And why for Pete's sake can Rosa fool around and Rose can't? Derrick thought, annoyed. God is punishing me! he decided, closing his eyes in frustration. Why the hell is my little brother getting laid and I'm not?

"Can I please have a word?" Francesco asked, pushing his fingers through his hair.

Derrick jerked his head back, feeling a bit shocked. He slowly glared at his brother, finding the way he'd spoken disgusting—especially coming from him; he'd taught him better than that. Why is he talking like that? he thought to himself, bewildered. Please! Disgusting!

"Can I please have a word," Derrick repeated, watching Francesco carefully. "Where the hell have you been?" he asked with all seriousness.

Francesco gawked at him, infuriated, and then took Rosa's hand and started down the hall.

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