"I'm a mechanic, it pays pretty decent but we recently fired someone and are looking for a replacement."

Kid perked up at that.

"I could work for you." He said.

"What experience do you have with vehicles?"

"A long time ago I used to work on stuff like that. I have been wanting to be a mechanic for years now I just never found a reason to work. I have one now though."

"Oh really, what's that?"


I smiled at Kid rubbing his foot with mine.

"Well Mr. Kid, I look forward to being your boss."

Kid nodded at him, watching my every move. I slowly ran my foot up his leg, to his thigh. He jerked a little, his knee hitting the table, he groaned.

"You alright?" Max asked.


I giggled running my foot just a little higher, to his crotch. He growled giving me a playful glare. I knew I was losing the bet, but honestly, I didn't care. I just wanted something to get my mind off of what happened to my mom. I know she wouldn't want me to morn for her. I rubbed my foot on him of course I had slipped my converse off before doing any of this. He couldn't stop the jolt that came from his hips. It was involuntary, causing him to once again knock the table.

"Hey Cathy, Kid and I will meet you at home okay?"

"Wait but how will you get back?"

"We have our ways."

We left promptly, exiting through the double doors we came in from. Kid pulled into an alley transforming and picking me up, racing home with demonic speed. As everything was blurred passing by, I had my face in his neck leaving kisses and marks to be seen by those who wish to have what is mine. When we got home, I was immidiatally rushed to the room and thrown on the bed having a sexy demon rise above me. His lips were on mine, caressing them. His tongue in my mouth, seeking out mine.

At Le Restaurant~

"What was that about?"

Lacey smirked. "(Y,n) wants to take a trip to the Eiffel Tower."

Everyone was confused, not knowing what to say.

"It was nice to meet you, but we should be going to it's getting dark." Cathy said.

"It was nice to meet you too."

They left going back home Cathy went inside and up to my room. She walked in without knocking and saw Kid on top of me in demon form Kissing my neck. She gasped getting mad.

"(Y,n) (M,n) (L,n), care to explain what is going on here!?!?"

"Aunt Cathy!?!"

"Get away from my niece now monster!!"

"Cathy stop!"

"I don't want you coming near her, stay away!"



"If he's a beast then so am I god damnit!!" I yelled.

"What are you talking about?"

Lacey had come upstairs to see what the commotion was all about. She gasped.

"Demon!!" She screamed.

"I'm one too!!" I yelled.

"What the, your lying!!"

"No I'm not!! Those demons that raped mom were real!! I was born because of them!"

They gasped.

"Stop lying!"

"In not!!"

All of a sudden I was in demon form again. All by myself, this happened the day mom died as well. They got scared.

"Get out now I don't want you anywhere near me or my daughter you monster!!"

That hit me hard, my own family thinks I'm a monster....

I growled. "Fine!! Ill pack up my shit and leave!"

I walked over to them, they backed up in fear. I grabbed the door and slammed it shut. I went to my closet and grabbed 3 suit cases. I packed all my clothes and shoes in the first one, my blankets and pillows in the second one, and important stuff in the third like photos, my laptop, my little nicnacks, my makeup and my shower supplies. After that I grabbed Kid and left.

"Hey, where are we gonna go?" Kid asked.

"There's a place in the woods at the end of town, mom and I used to go there on vacation. We can stay there."

He had two suit cases and I had one we were in demon form so we raced to the edge of town before anyone could see us. I stared at the large treehouse in front of me, it's been so long since I've been here.

 I stared at the large treehouse in front of me, it's been so long since I've been here

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The first floor is the living room the second is the bedroom. It already had furniture in it. A leather couch, a big flat screen tv, a cute little fluffy rug and a glass table. The kitchen was small but it was there. The upstairs bedroom had a king sized bed, and another fluffy rug, it had nightstands to and some lamps. After we dragged the suit cases up we set them in the room. I lit a candle and went back outside to start the generator. As it started the lights came on. I went back inside, went upstairs, unzipped one suit case and started putting pictures around the 'house'. Once done with that I put the shower stuff in the bathroom, put the nicnacks away, and the makeup. Then I opened the other one and put all my shoes and clothes away. Last but not least I opened the last one and made the bed. Kid always just seemed to 'find' his clothes that he wears, then they disappear the next day. He doesn't have any personal belongings. It was almost morning by the time everything was put away so we went to bed.

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