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I awake to the sound of a ringing phone. I groan in annoyance,

"Hello," I growl into the phone

"Hey baby. Why so angry this morning," The love of my life mutters into the phone.

His voice sounds like honey and my bad mood vanishes instantly. Then i remember my infidelity this morning and tears swell up in my eyes,

"Hey baby, I'm sorry I'm just very tired. Shouldn't you be at school?" I ask

"Nope, I have a mild fever and I got to stay home today. I'm here all alone. Do you want to come here and take care of your boyfriend?"

My heart leaps out of my mouth. Yes yes yes!

"Definitely!" I say eagerly

"Ill be waiting my princess,"

He gives me the directions to his house and I jump out of bed feeling happier than i have felt in years. i skip to the bathroom and get in the shower, washing every inch of my body meticulously.

I dress in light blue jeans, a pink long sleeve shirt and blue converses. I decide to pin my hair up.

I skip down the road singing our song. His house is about a hour walk from mines but i don't mind. The hour passes quickly because my thoughts are consumed of what we could possibly be doing...

I arrive at the house and stare at it in shock... Its freaking huge! I ring the doorbell feeling anxious. He opens the door immediately. I laugh quietly to myself... I bet he was standing by the door waiting for me.

He pulls me in for a sensual embrace. Shivers of pleasure run all though my body. I kiss his cheek,

"Nice house punk," I say with a huge smile on my face

"Thank you, let me give you a tour,"

An hour later I have seen every square inch of the house. It is truly beautiful. This is the kind of house I want to have one day with Issac and our four children.

We are sitting on his bed watching a movie. I really don't know what is going on in the movie because all i can focus on is Isaac's hand resting on my upper thigh. The monster is purring in response. I turn to kiss him. He kisses me back passionately. I start to take off his shirt and he doesn't object. Oh my! This is seriously about to happen. I lay down on my back and he climbs in between my legs. He gazes into my eyes and kisses me gently then makes his way down to my neck, kissing and biting it softly. I am moaning so loud I almost feel embarrassed but i really cant control it.  He slips his hands into my panties and my eyes roll in the back of my head as he begins to play with the monster,

Yes. I love him. I love this. Never let me go Issac. Take all of me please I think to myself

He takes off my pants and my panties and starts kissing my inner thigh. I bite my lip and grip on his sheets.He begins to lick the monster and and i am crying out in pleasure. I am ready for him to enter me now,

"Issac... I'm r-ready to make love. Make love t-to me now please," I manage to stutter between moans

He lays on his back and i take off his boxers and climb on top of  him. The feeling is exquisite as i let his large manhood meet the monster. The look on his face is priceless. I begin to move up and down while we are gazing into his eyes.. faster and faster...

"I love you!," He screams while moaning loudly

"As I love you," I moan and then take us to the peak of ecstasy

I lay in his arms marveling over what we just did. Hes stroking my hair and i am drawing patterns on his chest with my fingers. Ive never felt so safe, Ive never felt so comfortable, I've never felt so happy, I've never felt so complete.

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