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1.What's your favourite colour?
My favourite colour has to be blue, I always used to love pink when I was young, but right now I'm in love with blue.

2.What's your favourite food?
Big fat juicy booty. Nah jk jk urrrmm I pretty much love all foods and I don't mind, but a favourite has to be cheesecake, and for mains probably  Kebab or Chinese.

3.At what age did you realise you were gay?
To be honest I actually didn't even realise till I was 14,yeh when I was 14 that's when I realised, oh me is gay! I found out when I started liking some girl and I thought it was just a small crush but when it got more serious and I started developing stronger feelings, that's when I realised.And I can actually see myself being with a girl, and I wouldn't mind kissing a girl either.

4.Favourite shoes?
I love all kinds of shoes but shoes I wear often are Converse and VANS, and that's pretty much it, I will start wearing addidas soon. I have addidas sliders if that's good enough but sometimes I'll wear my airwalks if it's a little bit chilly.

5.3 things I hate about myself:
- I have a boring eye colour
- I always fall for straight girls
-I'm ugly AF and I have an ugly laugh.

3 things I love about myself
-I can pull off lip licking and lip biting.
-I care a lot for my friends, even tho I fuck around a lot with them, I still do care about them and love them.
- I'm fucking hilarious

6.Places I'd like to visit:
I don't know, your bedroom? ;)
I'm just kidding, I've always wanted to go to LA I feel like it would be awesome living there.

7.Favourite game?
I play a lot of video games, but my favourite has to be Resident Evil 7 biohazard.Currently I am playing COD black ops 3 on the PS4 and I enjoy that as well.

8. A Language I would like to learn:
I would love to learn Spanish, I don't know what it is but people that speak Spanish are fucking smexy.So you, yes you the person reading this right now, if you can speak Spanish, you're fucking smexy.

9.How do you like your Women/ Men:
Well done ;)

10.Perfect ideal date?
In my opinion, if I was taking the person on a date I would love the movies then a romantic restraunt.But the best has to be at the beach, in the night when it's all lit up and you guys are having a picnic while laying next to eachother looking at the stars.

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