Chapter 1o. A prank or a psycho? 

The cat smelled like a rotten egg, only the scent was a thousand times worse… I stared at the dead cat and then closed my eyes; my stomach lurched unpleasantly. There was a knife on its back and the blood was still wet.

My breathing hitched and I closed my nose as its unpleasant smell wafted through my nose. Aaron studied the thing, all calm and collected.

“A dead cat and it is not a corpse.” His voice was amused, at the same time disgusted.

“A dead cat that had no job inside my locker, and it is a corpse, too.” I said as I crossed my arms across my chest, to protect my heart from coming out of it. It was beating that fast.

“It would have eaten your leftovers.” He chuckled looking amused. I looked at him irritated. He was acting as if this was an everyday occurrence. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and then poked him in his chest. He looked up at me surprised.

“And stuck that knife inside its back by itself?” I asked as my eyes fell on the cat with a frown. A chill ran through my bones and I shivered. It was a bad premonition. I had this feeling that this wasn’t going to turn out right.

He nodded with that same blank mask he often wore and walked away to bring the janitor to clean the mess. I stood there rooted in the place, my eyes studying the murdered Cat. It wasn’t dead; someone had killed it and placed it inside my locker.  It was either a prank or some sick psycho was after me. How they got access to my locker was another thing.

“What are you doing here, Freak?” A husky, dark voice asked. I turned to look at Damien, in his ripped jeans and a cotton shirt. He looked so damn cute in this casual outfit. But I wasn’t in the mood to ogle.

I pointed the cat at him and he stiffened. He pulled me to him and was swearing under his breath. I couldn’t hear the half of it, but I heard the last words.

“…… to kill,”

“What?” I asked to him and he shrugged “Nothing!”

When Aaron came back, I was leaning against Damien, my nose buried in his shoulders. I couldn’t look at that thing anymore. It was disgusting and ugly and the back of the mind said it wasn’t some childish prank, but it was more serious.

‘No, No, it’s just some prank.’ I shook my head and told myself to calm my frenzied nerves. When I looked up from Damien, Aaron wasn’t there anymore.

“Where was he?”

“Who, Mr. Prim and Proper? He stared at us and then walked away.” Damien said with a careless shrug.

We walked towards our next class. My mind was still painted with the sight of the dead cat and it’s lifeless staring eyes, which glared into mine as if it was blaming me.


Algebra was hell in the earth. That thing killed me without any sympathy. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and entered inside the Algebra class, only to be stopped by some strange voice.