25 | Jordan

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Jordan could hardly feel any part of her body as she walked past Lindsey, Michael, and Roland to lead the group down the stairs. She wasn't sure if she was numb from the anger she felt towards Mary and Lindsey, or from the fact that she was absolutely terrified to find out what the stalker wanted.

In any case, she knew that she had never been so uncomfortable, or so emotional, ever before in her entire life. This was something out of a movie. The whole ordeal with Mary and Neil was something that normal people, real people, weren't supposed to have to deal with in their lives. Your best friend didn't cheat on her boyfriend with your brother. Your best friend didn't cheat on your brother with at least four different guys over the past two years. Your best friend didn't lie to you about it for two years, and then not even have the decency to confess after your brother died in a car crash.

Or however Neil had died. Jordan realized that hadn't been set in stone in anyone's minds yet.

So she stomped down the stairs, hearing the quieter footsteps of the other four behind her. Her mind was somewhere completely different, somewhere she didn't even know how to start to get away from. All Jordan could picture was the image of Mary and Neil, plastered on the big screen at a Friday night football game.

It was disgusting, and wrong, and totally something that Jordan was not alright with imagining. Or with the fact that it had even happened in the first place. Or the fact that she hadn't known about it for a full two years.

The group exited out the front door of the Hadden home to find a car parked in the driveway, a car that clearly did not belong to anyone of the five teenagers.

"Um..." Michael trailed off from behind Jordan, "Are we actually expected to get in that thing?"

They walked closer to see a sign on the front of the car, a sign with all of their names typed neatly on the front and a specific seat in the car designated to each of them.

"Well this is...awful." Jordan muttered as Roland read the sign out loud.

"Mary, back driver's side. Michael, back middle. Roland, back passenger's side. Lindsey, passenger's seat. Jordan...driver."

The other four started to move towards their designated seat in the car before Jordan let out a loud laugh.

"This is a joke, right? You guys aren't seriously going to get in a random car that was sent here by someone who killed our siblings and is trying to kill us as well?"

Everyone else exchanged glances.

"I don't think we have too much of a choice at this point, Jordan." Roland spoke when everyone else refused, "I mean, we—I—tried going to the cops, but they wouldn't help us. We tried ignoring this person, and they put Mary's darkest secret up for the whole town to see. I think our best bet is just doing what they say."

Jordan shook her head, not quite sure if she could believe what she was hearing.

"We're going to get in this car? The car that the stalker-slash-murderer sent us?"

Everyone else nodded.

"Yeah." The other four replied in a terribly defeated unison.

Jordan took a deep breath, calming her nerves slowly. Roland's voice echoed in her head.


"Alright then." Jordan nodded, pulling herself together and trying her hardest not to burst into tears on the spot, "Let's get in."

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