Chapter 14.

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I'm back from the death! Ok. To be honest i was sick the last few days. But hey! I'm ok now! I wrote this before bed. It's not long but it has some cute moments. Have a wonderful day! Bye

Morning again...  I realized that Aj was no longer in bed. She should probably be making breakfast. Something smelled good. Wait a second- PANCAKES!!!! I ran into the kitchen. I fell down the stairs. I heard Aj giggle. I was right. Aj was indeed in the kitchen. She handed me a plate full of pancakes. My eyes went wide. I started eating it. It tasted amazing. It was like dancing on a rainbow with fluffy Pink unicorns. I continued eating while Aj sat down too. She stared at me . She looked like she was holding in a laugh. " What's so funny?" I asked with a mouth full of pancakes. " Ya look so funny." She leaned in and wiped the chocolate from my cheeks. So close. I blushed.  She saw it and started giggling. Come on Dash! This isn't high school! She's your fiancé for pancake queens sake! Man up-   Oh right . 
Wait a second. How is the baby supposed to exist if non of us are a man. " Aj." " Hm" " What are we gonna do about... the ... baby thing?" I asked nervously. She kissed my cheek. " We'll figure it out. But for now we have something else to focus on." Oh right! The wedding. " So what kinda dress-" she started but i cut her off. " Nu-uh! I'm not wearing a dress. I wanna be 00-Dash!" I said . She chuckled . " Ok then ' 00-Dash' .

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