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TopTommo: I need to tell you something, harry. maybe i should have told you over the weekend but i feel comfortable telling you now.

StylishStyles: are you okay??

TopTommo: sigh, harry.

StylishStyles: yes??


StylishStyles: 😐😐😐😐

TopTommo: hehehehe.

StylishStyles: I thought you were going to tell me something serious, louis.

TopTommo: me fucking you is very serious!!

StylishStyles: louis....

TopTommo: harry.😋😋

StylishStyles: anyway, how was your day?

TopTommo: good! work was good. had a good dinner. wby?

StylishStyles: good so far. i'm in the process of cooking dinner.

TopTommo: get naked and lay on a table and spread your ass so I can eat it like a taco.

StylishStyles: 😶😶

TopTommo: hehehehehe!

Harry put his phone down on the table before walking back into the kitchen. He wanted so badly to help Louis but he wasn't going to force Louis to tell him his personal problems. He just wanted Louis to care and trust him enough to let him in. But as Harry said, this wasn't about him. It was about Louis.

He focused on making dinner as he tried to ignore the thoughts in his head. He didn't want to think about who or what could have made Louis feel as if harming himself was the answer. He didn't want to. So he focused on the pot in front of him and put all those scary thoughts out of his mind. Maybe he didn't need to know what made Louis sad or depressed because Harry was determined to make him happy, make him laugh. Harry was going to do whatever he could.

"Dinner is ready!" Harry shouted.

Liam and Niall walked into the kitchen and joined Harry at the table. They were able to talk and laugh and Harry was able to push Louis out of his head for a little while.

Harry held Gemma up as he slowly walked with her down the hall. They stayed to the side so others could pass.

"You're getting there." Harry encouraged, "You're going to be out of here in no time."

Gemma smiled at her brother, "You have no idea how bad I want to be out of here."

Gemma was healing nicely. Her walking was the one thing holding her from leaving but she was working everyday to get her muscles working again. Being with her made Harry feel like his life was normal again. He didn't have anything to worry about but her, her baby and work. It was nice. He felt sane.

Harry stayed with her to eat lunch together and left to get ready for work when Taylor came in. They would always make sure someone was here with her and made time to change their schedules around. Harry was with her less than everyone else but then again he was a little further away. But he would always make sure he was there for his family no matter how far away he may be.

TopTommo: guess what

StylishStyles: not this again. what?



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