18. Kingston Hernandez

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*2 Months Later*

"He's still in surgery" I asked the nurse
"Yes he should be out shortly" She told me
"Is he going to be okay"
"Mr.Williams he'll be out in about 30 minutes" She told me

I ran my hand down my face and walked over to Nicki and Mars.

"I want to see my brother" Mars cried
"In a minute baby" Nicki said rocking Mars on her lap
"Is he sick" Mars asked

I looked at Nicki and she looked at me.

"No they just want to make sure he's okay" I told her

She stretched her arms out so I could pick her up and I did. I knew she was frustrated because so was I today would make the two months since Rihmere been stuck in this place

I looked at my phone and saw Veronica was calling me.

"Hello" I said answering just to get her dumb ass out the way
"My water broke"
"I'm already at the hospital" I told her
"Where you at" I added
"The waiting room waiting for them to clear a room for me"
"I'm in the waiting room too" I told her
"I don't see you" I told her
"I'm at Good Samaritan Hospital" She said
"I'm at Mercy General" I said shaking my head
"Well when are you coming"
"When my son gets out of surgery"
"You probably haven't even dilated yet and I want to make sure my son is good just like I want you to call me and and let me know if something happening wit Kingston" I said before hanging up the phone

I looked down and Nicki was looking up at me. She patted the seat next to her and I sat down with a now sleeping Mars on my lap.

"You think it's going to get any easier" I asked her
"Probably not" she shrugged
"But it'll get better"

"Family of Rihmere Williams" We stood up and walked over to the doctor
"How is he" I asked

I drove down the long narrow road as I thought about my newborn sons. Rihmere was already handsome he looked exactly like his dad but now I just had to see Kingston. Rihmere still hasn't been released from the hospital but he's doing much better Mars went with her nanny while Nicki stayed up there. Nicki was completely understanding about me having to come see Kingston unlike Veronica.

I finally pulled to the hospital Veronica was in and rushed inside.


"Daddy isn't here but mommy finally get to hold you" I told Rihmere
"You can't go home yet but at least you're making progress" I said smiling at him

He was still very tiny to be two months he had just got out of preemie clothes and finally could fit newborn sizes.

"Let me put you down because when daddy come back he's never going let you go" I chuckled before placing him in the hospital bed


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